A Guide to St. Louis Neighborhoods: Part 1

St. Louis can be a bit overwhelming on your first visit, especially if you are looking for the right neighborhoods and districts to immerse yourself in. That's exactly why we have created this handy guide to the neighborhoods of St. Louis, your ultimate guide to getting around town!

Below you will find the basics of what you need to know about each of our top 10 chosen STL neighborhoods (stay tuned for the next 5 in part 2), making your trip through and to these districts so much easier! If you need further help to book a trip or information regarding these neighborhoods get in contact with us today!

In St. Louis, Soulard is one of the most popular neighborhoods, as well as the city’s oldest. This entire neighborhood encompasses just over 380 acres, housing a population of over 3400. Enjoy the Soulard Farmers Market, in continuous operation each Wednesday through Saturday since 1779, as well as the numerous eateries and attractions throughout. The food is reminiscent of pubs and taverns of France and early St. Louis, such as the 1860 Saloon and Soulard Restaurant. Just walking around the neighborhood will be a history lesson in itself, the red brick townhomes and red-brick streets giving way to historic churches and monuments galore.

Attractions to See: Budweiser, Chatillon Demenil Mansion, Archive Museum House

  • Downtown 

Downtown St. Louis is one of the most essential parts of the city, holding both the past and the present of St. Louis by historically having the most important manufacturing companies as well as all of the 21st-century amenities and attractions you'll find today. Here your group will see the '20th-century epicenter of the St. Louis garment and shoe manufacturing district', an interesting history to take in while exploring. See the Loft District, a perfect balance of work and play throughout, and the various neighborhood galleries, restaurants, and boutiques. The city has brought several historic buildings to life here, an essentially STL vibe that makes the perfect stop for a visitor's intro to the city.

Attractions to See: Old Court House, Gateway Arch, Riverfront

  • Central West End

The Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis is on the Eastern edge of Forest Park, an area over a century old that holds 'chic and charming' attractions and homes. The streets are littered with sidewalk cafes, galleries, antique shops, eateries, boutiques, and pubs, holding an overall very impressive number of recreation selections. Explore the half European, half New York style, all the way St. Louis style region and spend the day people watching, shopping within the commercial district, or admiring the turn of the century homes. Annual events of importance here include the House Tour, Art Fair, and highly popular Greek Festival.

Attractions to See: Cathedral Basilica, Chess Hall of Fame, Commercial District

When visiting St. Louis on a cultural or culinary excursion you almost have to make a stop at The Hill, the highly popular neighborhood near Forest Park also known as STL’s Little Italy. This neighborhood is both a local and tourist hotspot, a great place for anybody looking to immerse themselves into Italian sights and smells. Your group will find a traditional collection of authentic Italian bakeries, stores, eateries, and trattorias here, the entire neighborhood a very colorful and energetic area to be in at all times. Take a Discover St. Louis tour of the neighborhood and then eat at any of the numerous taverns, bistros, and pubs throughout. A really fundamental and telling sign of the 621-acre neighborhood is the epicenter, an intersection that divides corners including a historic Catholic church on one side, a popular Italian bakery on another, an import shop on an adjacent one, and even a tavern and bocce court on the other.

Attractions to See: 

  • Maryland Heights

Maryland Heights is the spot to go for some serious family fun, a neighborhood full of fun theaters, comedy clubs, parks, and fun eateries. While here you can hit Westport Plaza, Funny Bone, and Creve Coeur Park, the latter of which holds a 320-acre lake perfect for water recreation and picnics. Once you've had your fill of kayaking, boating, and swimming head to the over 15 eateries such as the Old Spaghetti Factory and Cielo at 4 Seasons. Dave and Busters is always a great option for student groups as well, as is the added opportunity to stop at Go Ape Ziplining.

Attractions to See: World Aquarium, Go Ape Zipline, Hollywood Casino Amphitheater