Japanese Tea Garden San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden San Francisco Travel Association Photo

Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park

Located between the de Young Museum and Stow Lake in San Francisco your group will find one of the most breathtakingly beautiful spots in the entire city, the Japanese Tea Garden. This vibrantly green spot is one of the most popular features of the Golden Gate Park and is also one of the most culturally, historically, and naturally authentic places to visit in the entire city.

This particular Japanese Tea Garden was the very first Japanese garden ever to be planted in the United States, first established on 1 acre of land (today 5 acres) for the 1894 World Fair (California Midwinter International Exposition). Hagiwara was the man behind the beauty, his goal to allow American's to experience the natural beauty, tranquility, and harmony of a Japanese style garden. He and his family lived there until 1942, the infamous date in our history in which Japanese Americans were forced into internment camps, this garden also serves as a somber remembrance site.

While visiting the garden you will encounter countless beautiful features such as the drum bridge, authentic pagodas, unique stone lanterns, stone stepping paths, a zen garden, and of course, several native Japanese plants. During the months of March and April, you will also have the pleasure of seeing the vibrant cherry blossom trees scattered about the landscape.

There is an onsite Japenese Tea Room in which you can sample popular Japanese refreshments as well. Snack on some authentic fortune cookies, have a quick lunch of miso soup, satisfy your sweet tooth with green tea cheesecake, or just sip a cup of sencha tea and enjoy your surroundings. There is also a gift shop in which you can buy tea and sake sets, ceramics, Daruma dolls, and various tea varieties.