Kinzie State Showrooms – Chicago

The locally and nationally celebrated showroom facility, Kinzie State Showrooms, will start your fashionista day off right, an appealing venue with a unique environment. This spot was started in 2012 by a group of apparel representatives who wanted a ‘venue that would provide a comfortable and appealing space for themselves and buyers,’ the general idea that all parts of the fashion industry deserve to work comfortably. Focus and productivity are the goals at this sprawling showroom, the inside holding countless lines and 12 main design rooms.

You will see such popular names as Helen Newman, Andi Mazzone, Outfit Chicago, and Fashion Lab, plus the hundreds of lines ranging from Acrobat to Zuzu. There are specific market dates to help you plan your trip (more like for us to help you plan your trip), though most typically they are 3 day spans nearly each month, including March, April, June, August, October, and January. What better way to see a sustainably successful and quickly growing showroom environment?