Last Minute Field Trip Ideas for Students

It's the end of March, you've been frazzled with midterms and grading projects for so many weeks that you completely forgot: it's field trip season!

Your students have been working hard and it's time to pay them off with a truly unforgettable, educational, and insightful field trip to end the year, but where to? And how on such short notice?

Don't worry, Adventure Student Travel has you covered on all fronts, from choosing a location to getting travel insurance for the entire trip.

The particular trips mentioned below are our top selling locations, though we can suggest closer or more convenient locations upon request, just let us handle the last minute details!

  1. Science Museum

    Museum of Science and Industry - Chicago
    Science, technology, and the industrialization of America are always big education points for students, so what better place for a last-minute field trip than a science museum? Spanning over 400,000 square feet, Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry has been named one of the seven wonders of Chicago and the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere. Explore the over 35,000 artifacts, activities, and experiences within, the entire space typically taking guests about 4-5 hours to see (including lunch at Brain Food Cafe).

    Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago Stockfresh

  2. Art Museum

    MET - New York City
    Art will open up worlds your students never knew existed, an extremely emotional and imaginative experience that we all know will benefit your class greatly.  What better place to let them experience this than at the nation's largest, and one of the world's most visited, art museums, the New York City MET. Students of all ages will get a rewarding experience here, the museum offering a Kids Met for younger, and more advanced historical art for the older. Here you can spend up to 4 hours here easily if you include lunchtime, the spot offering several different eating options from the Cafeteria, Petrie Court Cafe, American Art Cafe, and Roof Garden Bar. 

    Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the biggest museums in the world on May 15, 2011, in New York Stockfresh

  3. Space Camp

    US Space and Rocket Center- Huntsville, Alabama
     Space, the last frontier, one of the most interesting things for many students, and one of our most popular field trip options for groups. In Huntsville, Alabama, your group can visit the world's largest space attraction, one filled with dozens of exhibits, historic spacecraft, and day programs for students. If you choose to eat lunch at the Mars Grill you will have plenty of food options for all students in your group, or you could also pack a picnic lunch outside. Including lunch, this center typically takes dedicated groups about 4-5 hours to visit. Did we mention seeing Apollo while here?

  4. Historical Reenactment

    Williamsburg - Virginia
    If you are looking to take a history class on a last-minute field trip but don't know where to go to keep their interest and educate them, you most certainly should consider Historic Williamsburg. This living history city will transport your students to 18th-century living, right in the times leading to the Revolutionary War. Walk around and explore, eat at a local Chesapeake eatery, or, more popularly, pack a picnic and settle in to enjoy the views! To see it all here you will probably need to plan a good 3.5-4 hour time span, including lunchtime.
    Williamsburg AST

    Grand Union Flag in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA Stockfresh

  5. Disney Learning

    Disney YES Program - Anaheim or Orlando
    It may amaze you to learn how many educational options both Disneyland and Disney World offer, all programs within meant for all ages, K-12 and college level. Students can take day-long journeys across the part to learn about chemistry, performing arts, leadership, or even physics! There are several different options each year, so let us help you make it happen, quickly! Lunch options will be included in the program. If your group wants to make this an overnight option you can even spend a day enjoying the park itself!

  6. National Park

    Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming

    Ahh, the great outdoors, the perfect place for a last-minute field trip! Certainly pack a lunch for this one, the entire spot filled with picnic areas (not near geysers). Spend as little or as much time as you want here, the park, just be sure you see Old Faithful or any of the other 300 geysers on site. Geography and biography lessons abound, you will also see lakes, canyons, rivers, and mountain animals such as grizzlies, elk, and bison. This option isn't hard at all to make happen last minute, and there are bound to be national parks close to where your group is based to make it even easier on you.
    Yellowstone AST

    Elk at Yellowstone National Park Stockfresh

  7. Aquarium

    Virginia Aquarium - Virginia Beach
    The marine world is not one to be neglected in education, and one easily explored with a field trip to a local aquarium. Our most popular choice is the Virginia Aquarium, the Rudee Inlet shining gem with over 800,000 gallons of animal life, plenty of exhibits, nature paths, and marshland adventure. There are both younger and older student activities featured here, a National Geographic 3D theater, and on the spot lunch options at the Aquarium Cafe, Otter Snack Bar, or Theater Snack Bar. Be prepared to spend about 2-3 hours here, leaving plenty of time for surrounding activities at Virginia Beach such as the historic Cape Henry Lighthouse.
    Aquarium AST

    Virginia Aquarium Pixabay Public Domain 

  8. Planetarium

    Griffith Observatory and Planetarium - Los Angeles
    Another space exploration-filled field trip option comes in last with your classic Planetarium option. Our favorite place to send student groups is the Los Angeles Griffith Observatory and Planetarium, the vast conglomerate on the top of the tallest peak here. Students can see several different shows at the planetarium that will teach them further about space, physics, and astronomy, as well as see some of the best views of the city and space above it through telescopes throughout. There will be several lunch options on-site, or again a packed picnic lunch is doable as well. Our groups tend to spend anywhere from 2-3 hours here, so exploring the entire educational Griffith Park would be a great idea to finish the day.
    Griffith LA AST

    Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles in the night Stockfresh

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