Student Performance in Graceland

Looking for a place for your student group to perform? Graceland might be it!

If you are looking for a student tour that allows your students to learn, perform, and experience a music legend, one place to certainly consider is Graceland.

Credit Graceland

Credit Graceland

Rich in history and culture, this tourist attraction came to be well after Elvis’s death, when his widow could no longer afford the cost of upkeep on the property. Due to this, many people get a glimpse into the life they do not typically get, a glimpse of a true rock and roll legend.

The reason you should visit with your student group now is due to the recent grand opening of the mansion’s addition, Elvis Presley’s Memphis. Not only can you see his mansion, but you can also see his jets, his cars and all the things that influenced him to turn into the legend he is today.

Student groups are offered the opportunity to perform at Elvis Presley’s Memphis, the new facility just opened across the street from the Mansion. This is a great way to inspire and encourage your group, hard work, and dedication from the experience resonating in the minds and hearts of your students. There isn’t a much greater reward for a teacher than knowing you shaped your student’s lives in a productive and positive way, and a trip to the Mansion could be just the thing to do so and motivate them for years to come!