Merchandise Mart

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Marchendise Mart and bridge in downtown Chicago

The Merchandise Market is a truly excellent place to end your big Chicago journey, this building being the epitome of Chicago shopping. The popular commercial building, upon first opening in 1930, was the largest building in the world, an astounding 4 million square feet of floor space. At 340’ and 25 stories, today Merchandise Mart isn’t quite the largest building in the world, but it is the largest commercial building in the world. You will find an entire 2-cty block span of retail services within, from high-end home design and furniture to fashion apparel and accessories. Multiple trade shows and special events happen regularly here, and the building itself even serves as an office and business space for the city. Find health centers, banks, USPS offices, and even a Fed Ex inside, plus a full food court and selection of eateries. Several big tech companies even headquarter from within Merchandise Mart.

More than just a shopping center, this establishment serves as a historical artifact for the city of Chicago, providing heavy insight into its culture, art, business, fashion, and media scenes over time. Over 25,000 people a day come through here, totaling up to 10 million a year. These customers can find luxury kitchen and bath decor home furniture, outdoor furniture, textiles, accessories, and so much more within, it will be hard to decide where to go first. We highly suggest you head up to the 9th floor to the apparel level, housing such icons as 360 Cashmere, Argo Furs, Central Park West, and much, much more. After your visit, you will easily see why this spot is known for it’s ‘innovation and creativity for interior designers and business owners’.