Mueller State Park

Welcome to Mueller State Park, over 5,000 acres of spring-fed meadows, forested ridges, and massive rocks of Pikes Peak granite that will undoubtedly delight and amaze your group. Here you will find several ponds dotting the lush landscape as well as a great variety of plant-life, from grasses and wildflowers native to the region to gigantic spruce, fir, pine, and aspen trees. If you keep your eyes open you will get the chance to see elk, deer, mule, bears, and birds in almost every direction you look!

At Mueller State Park there are several different recreation activities available, depending on the season. Enjoy some classic camping, picnicking, trail use, fishing, and open nature studies. In the winter gear up for some serious sledding, skiing, and even snowshoeing. Regardless of the season, any time of day or year Mueller is known for also being a photographer's paradise with scenic vistas everywhere you go within the park.

Make a stop at the visitor center, atop Big View Overlook, to see the most scenic panoramic the park offers plus discover all the indoor and outdoor exhibits that cover information from the park’s natural habitat and wildlife to its history and heritage. You will learn about the Ute Native Americans using this as hunting grounds as well as the Cripple Creek gold rushers and 1860s homesteaders who called this place their own. From here your group can also visit the watchable wildlife kiosk or gazebo with the four different trailhead maps on it (that’s over 60 miles of trail!). This is a great way to wrap up your Colorado trip!