Scott Joplin House

Scott Joplin House

Welcome to the Scott Joplin House State Historic Site, the museum and one-time home of The Ragtime King himself, Scott Joplin.

This Italianate architectural gem is located on Delmar Boulevard in St. Louis, first built in 1860. The house served as the home to Scott Joplin and his wife Belle from 1901 to 1903, a time in which Joplin composed several of his greatest pieces.

Joplin was a ragtime composer that mastered both classical structure of music and free-flowing, artistic expression at a very young age, quickly becoming somewhat of a musical prodigy. Before living here in this home, Joplin spent years in Sedalia, Mo, at the George R Smith College for Negroes, getting his music degree.

In Sedalia, he created his hit Maple Leaf Rag, then moved here to St. Louis. At this house, he composed The Entertainer, Elite Syncopations, March Majestic, Ragtime Dance, and A Guest of Honor. 

During your visit you will be able to explore the modest flat, furnished as it would have been in 1902, lit by gaslight. See various museum exhibits interpreting his life, then visit the Rosebud Cafe, the eatery and performance venue for the site. The first floor of this 2-story brick building has a bar, piano, and tables for eating (brown bag lunches to catered events), and upstairs has another piano and performance space.