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Broadway Class Experience for Students

Ah, Broadway. When my thoughts turn to Broadway they turn to bright lights, the red curtain, dazzling costumes, and the amazing actors and actresses who make the show happen. You probably think of similar things. What if I told you that you could experience a small taste of that, would you be interested? If so,…
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Broadway Classroom Experience for Students

Sometimes just seeing a Broadway performance isn’t enough, sometimes you truly need to experience the behind the scenes work and practice that goes into it to get the full effect. [caption id="attachment_26046" align="alignright" width="425"] Broadway Show Backdrop Dollarphotoclub Public-Domain[/caption] The Broadway Classroom program (Broadway.com) is considered to be the ‘leader in providing educational experiences for…
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The Best of NYC Broadway for Students

Broadway shows are what we consider to be the sparkling gem of NYC culture, especially for student groups. If not specifically part of a theater or drama club, many students may feel like Broadway isn’t their thing, or maybe that it will be boring, or at least that is what we have heard from a…
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