The Best of NYC Broadway for Students

Broadway shows are what we consider to be the sparkling gem of NYC culture, especially for student groups.

If not specifically part of a theater or drama club, many students may feel like Broadway isn’t their thing, or maybe that it will be boring, or at least that is what we have heard from a few educators in the past. What we have also heard, and found for ourselves, is that those same students end up absolutely loving their Broadway experience. The special effects alone get most student groups interested, then you add in the popular dance numbers and phenomenal singing sensations, and your group is hooked!

Broadway is a great way to experience a type of theatrical culture that has been present in NYC, and the U.S in general, for over a century now, the culture and lifestyle of this NYC staple something we believe every American should experience at least once. Not only will you be getting a hefty slice of NYC culture, but you will also become more connected to the arts in general and experience a historical attraction that really means a lot to many, many people.

So how do you get your student group to Broadway this year? It’s all about choosing the right show, getting the right price, and using your experience and resources in the classroom!

Here are 5 main points we think you need to pay attention to/know about before planning your trip!

  • Student Broadway Tips
    Basically, when it comes to Student Groups and Broadway, the main thing you need to know is that there are several discounts, workshops, educational programs, and resources, oh, and did we mention discounts? Seriously, never count out Broadway trips for a big student group, and never pay full price for a student ticket on Broadway.

  • Student Broadway Discounts
    As mentioned, there are several opportunities for students, either singularly or part of a larger group, to get seriously discounted Broadway or Off-Broadway tickets. Before booking your theater experience you need to be aware of the following programs offering students and student groups serious discounts.

    - Broadway GPS - This is a company that claims to be ‘your destination for group tickets to Broadway, off-Broadway, and More’. We love Broadway GPS because they always go above and beyond with student groups, getting them into all the finest Broadway workshops and programs (a typical Broadway GPS workshop takes about 90 minutes and ends with a Q & A plus tips on where to have an after-performance bite to eat!).
    - - This is obviously the main site when it comes to all things Broadway, but if you scroll to the very bottom of the main page you will see an option for Group and Student Discounts. Explore your options here with common educational resources, dining options, attractions nearby, and, of course, major discounts.
    - Student Rush Tickets - Student Rush Tickets are an excellent way to get great discounts, IF you are around the area, to begin with, that is. It would be a little difficult to make a trip to NYC to try and get one of these ‘first come, first serve’ tickets from the Box Office if you didn’t live fairly close. With this option student merely needs to present a student or photo ID and then they will get discounts anywhere from half off to 75% off, most tickets costing around $20 - $40 in the end.

    *NOTE: While we suggest booking your theater experience about 6 months ahead of time, sometimes this isn’t the best option when looking for good ticket sales deals. Our suggestion? Plan your transportation, lodging, dinner, and side attractions around 3-6 months in advance. Book everything you need to and choose two shows you want to see (one main show, another as a backup just in case it sells out) during this time, then wait until the week of or day of to grab the absolute best student ‘rush’ deals.

  • Online Discounts
    These discounts and online programs help all types of groups get the best deals on Broadway, not just students (though they help student groups again as well!).  -Broadway for Broke People - This site is simple and straightforward. Find majorly discounted tickets on current shows and enter online digital lotteries for free/discounted tickets.

    -Hiptix - Hiptix is Roundabout Theatre’s (NYC) budget ticket program for people ages 18–35. This allows you to see any show presented by this theater for $25, nothing more and nothing less.
    -BroadwayBox - This site isn’t a guarantee, but oftentimes groups can find codes for discounts up to ½ off the normal Box Office price.
    -Theatermania - This one is mentioned for one reason: the Gold Club. For a reasonable annual fee, you can become part of it and receive year-long discounts on all major shows. This is probably another option only good if you live near NYC, to begin with.
    -Digital Lottery - If you are feeling particularly lucky you should most definitely participate in any Digital Lottery’s taking place for your particularly chosen show. This is a great way to get major discounts on current shows, the process just as it sounds; a lottery. Get online, find your show, then enter the lottery from 7 pm prior to the performance day to 8:30 am the day of. If chosen your tickets are free or seriously discounted!


  • In-Person Discounts
    These discounts may be the easiest to get, but also the most unreliable when it comes to planning for a large group. We think it is still something useful to know as the backup if nothing else.

- TKTS - TKTS is a same-day discount program on Times Square, right at South Street Seaport, that just allows you to explore any daily deals that may be going on. Last-minute, but oftentimes very worth it.
- General Rush - Just as it sounds, the general rush is for any sort of theatergoer looking for a deal. Just get there quick, this is purely a ‘first come first serve’ opportunity at the Box Office.
- In-Person Lottery - Imagine what we described for the Digital Lottery, only in person at the Box Office. This is all up to chance but it is very worth it if your number is drawn and you receive the discounted/free ticket.
- Standing Room Sales - Student groups may not enjoy this option, but for serious budget planning, this is always an opportunity to be had. Standing Room sales are on a first-come basis, but allow you to stand in the theater to see the show for anywhere from $20 to $30.

  • Teacher/Educator Resources
    This may be the most important bulletin point for you, this being the one that lets you in on a few of our secrets as a group trip organizer/ travel agency. There are certain companies that we work with that will take your trip beyond just a Broadway show, they will work with your group through workshops, in-class resources, and hands-on education. We as a company can help you get in touch with and work with some of these groups easily! Here are our favorite opportunities.

    - Broadway GPS - As mentioned before, Broadway GPS allows your group all the finest in resources, interactive experiences, and professional workshops and seminars.
    - Broadway Educators - This is an online resource for teachers and student groups that provide information on everything from typical school course resources and tools to classroom discipline in acting and directing. This is sort of a goldmine for student groups when it comes to further practice/education!
    - Broadway Classroom - This handy online tool is a part of, though it is geared specifically toward educators. You can learn about the history of Broadway with Broadway 101, learn about how to get your Girl Scout Patch by seeing a show, and even take regularly changing workshops that intertwine the concepts of both theater and education.