The Best Time to Book Spring Break

Even though there may be glistening white snow covering the ground outside, it isn’t too early to plan your big spring break getaway. In fact, it’s actually the ideal time!

Planning your spring break about 4-6 months in advance does a few key things to help your group and your budget.

  • Better hotel/resort deals.
  • Cheaper flight rates.
  • More time to plan excursions and activities.
  • Lower going rates possible.

These four things, combined with ample research on your area of travel, can seriously brighten up and budget down any spring break plans you may be planning in 2018 or beyond, so listen up!

  • Better Hotel/Resort Deals: This one is simple; the earlier you book any hotel, hostel, campground, or resort spot, the cheaper it will be. Ideally, you should try to plan your spring break accommodations 5 months in advance (Lauren Blum, USA Today College).
  • Cheaper Flight Rates: The same idea applies to round-trip flights, the earlier, the cheaper. Typically train tickets, bus tickets, and cruises work the same way, though not all the time.

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  • More Time to Plan Excursions and Activities: If you stay on top of your game and plan your trip 4-6 months in advance, you will have PLENTY of time to figure out your itinerary as far as where you want to go, where you can afford to go, and where you want to avoid going at all costs!
  • Lower Going Rates Possible: Occasionally hotel room rates for a particular time frame will go down in price, as will certain flights and activity/event tickets. Keep up to date on all your booked places/activities to ensure you aren’t missing out on lower available costs.

Here are some things to remember as you plan your 2018 Spring Break vacation…

  • Keep copies of your passport and/or source of I.D with you and at home.
  • Read up on International Travel tips if you are crossing borders/seas.
  • Check-in back home daily. You always want somebody not traveling with you to know where you will be.
  • Ditch bulky travel maps and brochures and download travel apps before the trip (Google Maps, Citymapper, Tilt, etc).
  • Do NOT drink alcohol in hot tubs or while swimming in the ocean, even if you are of legal age. This is a safety concern that several eager college students forget about/ignore while on vacation. Drink responsibly!
  • Be wary of unknown places and modes of transportation before using them.
  • Be aware of and prepared for travel sickness chances (water, food, motion sickness, etc.) Bring medications such as Advil, Dramamine, Tums, and Pepto.
  • Book an uncommon place to save extra money and avoid big crowds. For instance, book a winter getaway state, a euro trip, an unknown island, etc.
  • Avoid weekend getaways, if you can. Again, you will save money and stay away from larger crowds.