Best Spring Break Destinations 2018

You've survived those long hours of studying, the tests, the cramming, the cold, the post-holiday you need something to look forward to, something a little more...springy!

That's right, it's time to plan your big Spring Break 2018 adventure!!

We have all the best spring break destinations for 2018 listed below for you to explore, each option rated as 'the best' in a certain category, from the best budget to the best party!

Grab your friends, grab your beach towels, and grab those sunglasses, it's time for Spring Break 2018!

Best Budget: Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach offers your group several different budget-friendly lodging choices, attractions, and cheap eats all within steps of the beach, making this a no-brainer for best budget spring break 2018!

Daytona Beach Spring Break

Daytona Beach Spring Break istockphoto


Best Crowds: Key West

Key West Spring Break

Key West Spring Break Pixabay Public Domain

Head to Key West for the most pumped-up crowds this spring break, the bustling beachside city offering guests plenty of bars, boutiques, and banter along Duval Street.

Best Beach: South Padre Island

South Padre Island offers the very best beach access along the Gulf of Mexico, its soft white sand and shallow and safe waters holding over 20 access points, inviting even the biggest beach skeptical to come to play!

Best Attractions: Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is an extremely well-known vacation resort city along the Atlantic, the hub of the Grand Strand and home of what is known as one of the very best beachfront boardwalks in the U.S. Amusement parks, boutiques,'s all here!

Myrtle Beach Spring Break Deposit Photos


Best Overall Experience: Bahama-Rama Cruise

Cruise your way into the best Spring Break yet with our Bahama-Rama Cruise, a Rock the Boat student cruise special that is sure to be one of your best break experiences yet, from the sights and sounds of the sea outside to the nonstop karaoke and dance parties inside!

Spring Break Cruise Bahamas Dollarphotoclub

Best Weather: Cancun

Cancun Spring Break

Cancun Spring Break credit Danielle Bopp

There is no debating this one, Cancun is most definitely at the top of our list for the best weather for Spring Break! Look for consistent temperatures between 70 and 95 within the months of April - May, with very little to no storm chances!

Best Non-Traditional: Denver

Maybe the snowy peaks of Denver's Rocky Mountains aren't the first places thought of for Spring Break bliss but with the offseason low rates, low traffic, and low costs throughout, this is a really great option for those looking for something a little different this vacation season.

Best Party: Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach Senior Trip

Panama City Beach Spring Break Dreamstime Stock Photos

Known to many as the official 'spring break capital of the world', this is another no-brainer for us when it comes to the best party scene, Panama City Beach offering throngs of activities for excited party goers and over 27 miles of beach!

Best Adventure: Tortuguero (Costa Rica)

In Costa Rica's beautiful Tortuguero your group can participate in various programs at the Seat Turtle Conservancy Museum, a part of this program experience allowing you to tag turtles and help count eggs during the peak season. Voluntourism is always a great idea for Spring Break adventure!

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