Voice of America Tour

Voice of America Tour

The perfect opportunity to explore the world of journalism and news media awaits your group in D.C. with the Voice of America Tour or VOA Tour for short.

The VOA affords guests a 'fascinating look at the largest United States international broadcast operation', giving you an insiders look at live news and information programming that is available to an international audience in 40 different languages on multiple platforms including radio, tv, and internet. There are public tours each Monday through Friday at 12 pm, lasting about 30 to 45 minutes each. The tours are recommended for ages 16 and up and guests must allot 10-15 minutes before the tour to go through a security screening, as is custom with most D.C. federal attractions.

Be sure to view the historic murals here at VOA's headquarters, a series of murals depicting the Social Security Act and New Deal programs, the art done mostly by Ben Shahn in the 1940s.


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