Why you Should Take your Students to Costa Rica

Rugged, rainforest-filled, and ridiculously fun, Costa Rica is a gorgeous Central American country filled to the brim with educational opportunities perfect for your student group.

The landscape throughout the country is dotted with volcanoes, jungles, and beaches, the diversity of ecosystems giving way to  5 percent of the world's existing biodiversity. Politically and historically the country is peaceful, today considered to be one of the safest areas to visit in Central America. This fact combined with the fact that the number one economic factor for the country is tourism means you will have peace of mind traveling with your student group the entire time.

Explore the provinces throughout the country and immerse your students in some of the most insightful cultural sites, historic ruins, educational eco-spots, and adventurous activities in the area. Each province is filled with some of the most beautiful, educational, and overall entertaining sights to be seen in Central America, and your students should most certainly not miss out!

  1. Culture
    Some of the best travel experiences come from experiencing local culture, and this is especially true in the villages and countryside of Costa Rica. Steeped in rich heritage and honorable history, any personal encounter you can have with specific cities and their locals is highly insightful and highly recommended.

    Examples of Cultural Activity:
  • Dinner with locals
  • School Visits
  • Local Farms - Los Titos Coffee Farm, Modulo Lechero
  • Tico Villages - Santa Elena, Tortuguero

    Dinner with Locals Pixabay Public Domain 

    2. History
    From unique pre-Columbian settlements to smallpox outbreaks and Spanish colonialism, Costa Rica has a lot to offer your student group as far as interesting history goes. Much of the landscape seems to be untouched by time, each province dotted with natural landmarks and ruins from the past.

    Examples of Historic Stops:

  • Museums - Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, Costa Rican Art Museum
  • Ruins - Guayabo, Ujarras
  • National Parks - Manuel Antonio, Tortuguero
  • Churches - Coronado Church

    Historic Church Pixabay Public Domain 

    3. Eco-Education
    Of course, one of the most popular draws to this country for many is the opportunity for eco-education. Costa Rica offers almost endless opportunities to immerse yourself in your natural surroundings and learn hands-on lessons about local flora, fauna, and geography, a great natural learning opportunity for any student group.

    Examples of Ecological Learning:

  • National Parks - Braulio Carrillo, Poas Volcano
  • Eco Gardens - Pierella Eco-Gardens and Farm
  • Rainforest Tours - Rainforest Adventures
  • Wildlife Refuges - Sea Turtle Conservancy, Gandoca Manzanillo
  • Beaches - Jaco Beach, Samara
    Volcano in Costa Rica

    Volcano in Costa Rica Pixabay Public Domain 

    4. Adventure
    Costa Rica is filled with adventurous opportunities from coast to coast, yet another great reason to bring your students. Adventure in a new place allows for personal growth, physical strengthening, and unforgettable memories, and Costa Rica is certainly no exception.

    Examples of Adventure Hotspots:

  • Aerial Ropes Courses - Selvatura Adventure Park, Jaco Ropes
  • Ziplining - Monteverde Cloud Forest, Arenal Reserve
  • Hiking - Arenal Volcano National Park, Rio Celeste Waterfall
  • Hot Springs - Arenal Hot Springs

    Aerial Ropes Course Pixabay Public Domain 

    5. Fun
    Overall, Costa Rica is an extremely fun country to visit, a factor that is probably the most important to your students. There is always something entertaining to do during your visit, from jungle adventures and beach excursions to local dining and shopping experiences.

    Examples of Fun Activities:

  • Shopping - Avenida Central, Mercado Central
  • Beach time - Jaco, Manuel Antonio
  • Rainforest Ziplines - Arenal Canopy Zipline, Diamante Superman Canopy
  • Cruises - Palo Verde, Limon
  • Hot Springs - Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort

    Costa Rican Beach Time Pixabay Public Domain