A Guide to St. Louis Neighborhoods: Part 2

St. Louis is a surprisingly expansive city, one with many attractions and areas to explore throughout. There are so many different enclaves in St. Louis that you're going to want a little neighborhood 411 before your visit, which is exactly what we have for you.

Continuing our 'Guide to St. Louis Neighborhoods' blog, here are 5 more popular STL neighborhoods you should know about before traveling!

St. Louis can be a bit overwhelming on your first visit, especially if you are looking for the right neighborhoods and districts to immerse yourselves in. That's exactly why we have created this handy guide to the neighborhoods of St. Louis, your ultimate guide to getting around town! - Part 1 

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  • Laclede's Landing

At Laclede's Landing, the perfectly balanced 'old meets new' riverfront neighborhood, you will see one of the best examples of a spot in which '19th-century architecture meets 21st-century entertainment', as Explore St. Louis most fittingly puts it. You will find warehouses of the past industrial days converted to nightclubs and eateries, this neighborhood one of the most visited spots for a night out on the town for both locals and guests. Enjoy such fun activities as a dueling piano bar, unique city brewpubs, casinos, and even fun festivals such as the popular Labor Day Blues Fest.

Attractions to See: World Aquarium, Riverfront Arch Cruises, Big Daddy's

  • Chesterfield

Located 30 miles west of Downtown St. Louis your group will find Chesterfield, a sizable (32 sq miles) urban area within greater St. Louis that is a city all in itself.  This important suburb area holds great opportunities for shopping, arts, and culture, as well as an overwhelming general sense of community throughout. This is the perfect spot to peruse the wide variety of options for St. Louis's discovery. Be sure to visit Faust Park, which holds a historic village, playground, walking trails, carousel, and butterfly house.

Attractions to See: Faust Park,  Sports Fusion, Sweetology

  • Forest Park 

The 7th largest urban park in the United States, Forest Park is a St. Louis staple neighborhood that you are most certainly going to want to explore during your trip. Within the 1,293 acres of museum and green space here you will find urban art, major museum attractions, and a natural oasis of parkland itself. This is one of those neighborhoods that are perfect for larger groups, with plenty of options of things to do and see throughout.

Attractions to See: Missouri History Museum, St. Louis Science Center, Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Zoo

  • The Loop 

This spot is iconic for it's 'whimsical and funky' fun features throughout, the neighborhood being taken up by Washington University, various historic neighborhoods, and an eclectic main drag of eateries, clubs, and shops along Demar Boulevard. Visit campus with your group or visit any fun vintage shopping spots you see along the way, just be sure you try one of the many fantastic eateries lining the streets in this neighborhood, they are highly raved about!

Attractions to See: Chuck Berry Statue, COCA, Blueberry Hill, Fitz's Bottling Company

  • Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square is the neighborhood in St. Louis to be for one of the city's greatest mixes of history, public park space, and urban expansion. The biggest draw to the area is the historic square itself, filled with the stately Victorian homes known as the 'Painted Ladies', though Lafayette Park's 30-acre outdoor oasis for concerts, pets, and picnics is a close second. Your group can also explore the various eateries, bed and breakfasts, lofts, and hip shops throughout.

Attractions to See: Historic Lafayette Square, Lafayette Park, Square One