3-Day Marine Biology Tour

Day 1 You'll See:california coast

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Day 3 You’ll See:

San Diego has it all, from the best beaches and seaside eateries to the absolute best marine biology learning tools, making it the perfect educational destination for your group! Explore the most popular cultural hot spots and entertainment districts of downtown San Diego before you head over to any of the many science-related oceanography spots. You will have plenty of time to take it easy and relax at any of the recreation sites dotted along the waterfront and on your itinerary. This trip is all about you, so make sure you and your group are having the time of your lives while learning about some of the coolest Pacific marine biology lessons available. 


La Jolla Kayak and Snorkel Tour

La Jolla Kayak Company is the premier ocean kayaking and snorkeling exploration outfit in all of San Diego County. La Jolla Kayak has been showing locals and tourists from around the world the excellent cliffs and caves within their cove since 1996, almost 20 years of giving guests an unforgettable and educational tour of La Jolla! One of the most popular aspects of this tour is the fact that you will be able to paddle and snorkel the 6,000 acre underwater reserve, showing spectacular reef communities and life native to Southern California in a highly fun and highly immersive type of way! On this Kayak & Snorkeling tour, your group will get to cruise along the surface by kayak then dive in to snorkel around the Seven Caves or swim with the regionally popular Leopard Shark gliding just feet beneath you. Enjoy the scenic vistas of the Seven Caves and Sea Cliffs as well, as you take it all in with this ultimate fun and educational journey underwater!

Beach Time at La Jolla

The golden sands of La Jolla Shores stretch for over a mile and comprise one of the most popular beaches in all of San Diego. Clean water, calm waves, and soft sand all come together to create a great family-friendly environment for everyone in your group to enjoy the natural beauty of the scenic San Diego coastline. As you already know, one of the most popular attractions here is at La Jolla Cove, a protected harbor with an abundance of natural wildlife. This is actually San Diego’s most coveted area for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and sea canoeing! You’ve also already seen the cornucopia of underwater sites beneath the waves teeming with yellowtail, rays, Garibaldi, leopard sharks, and other Pacific fish. Explore the many sea caves or head over to the Children’s Pool, a kids area that has been taken over by sea lions and harbor seals that will give you a great show anytime!

George’s at the Cove 

George’s at the Cove is the eatery of the La Jolla coast that has consistently been voted "Most Popular Restaurant in San Diego" by Zagat for years now. This seaside eatery featuring the famed Ocean Terrace is where life is to be enjoyed one sunset at a time, with an outside seating option that is available year-round in the perfect San Diego weather. George’s has also been named the region's best rooftop dining. Here your group can find a table overlooking the Pacific for a perfectly relaxed Southern California lunch or dinner. Enjoy such popular items as grilled fish tacos, salads, sandwiches, pasta, seafood, and more as you enjoy the casual dining menus, which are as easygoing as the servers here! Before or after your visit here you should also stop by the neighboring La Jolla Cove Gift shop, a cozy seaside shop that is perfect to find a La Jolla or San Diego souvenir, such as clothing, cards, or various trinkets!


San Diego Floating Lab

The San Diego Floating Lab is a small San Diego business that provides marine-based field trips for students ranging from kindergarten to college. Here your group will find hands-on scientific experiences that you will never forget, with something to always be learned no matter what your previous marine knowledge is! After this half-day, 4-hour journey aboard the Floating Lab, your group will know how to measure various elements of oceanography, such as tides, wind speeds, and water clarity or bioluminescence. The Marine Science Program takes your group on a boat outfitted with oceanographic equipment specialized for student use. All activities include major components of the state science framework, making this an especially relevant educational trek. The Voyager program invites students to learn about and examine various sea creatures collected in mud samples and trawling nets, and you will get the chance to sample and observe plankton, observe sea lions, and so much more!

Birch Aquarium (Tide Pool Lessons)

The Birch Aquarium is a research and conservation establishment working to protect the marine species of the world. This institution is the public face of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography from UC San Diego and it provides education and appreciation for the global community of underwater animals. Birch Aquarium is a leading institution with gorgeous creatures, amazing exhibits, and truly effective academic displays and helpful staff standing by ready to answer any questions you may have. Featuring over 60 habitats, this aquarium is home to thousands of fish and invertebrates of the Pacific Ocean. While here your group will have the opportunity to learn up close about the lives of seahorses, touch a starfish, visit a 13,000-gallon tank of leopard sharks, or participate in a tide pool lesson. These fun lessons can be conducted on the shoreline itself or in one of the lesson tanks, with professionals teaching guests how to properly tread around these pools and discover mini-worlds of exploding life!

Downtown San Diego 

Welcome to the vibrant urban paradise known as Downtown San Diego! Located just minutes away from the airport and shoreline, this collection of districts offers a plethora of options for accommodations, dining, activities, and cultural attractions, all attainable by foot or trolley! Stroll around the sprawling streets and you will see both modern and historic buildings sitting side by side, particularly in the Gaslamp District. Within this historic section, your group will find Victorian houses, shops, boutiques, trendy nightclubs, rooftop bars, and fine dining eateries! Head over to the west side of the neighborhood to see the Embarcadero (meaning "landing place" in Spanish) in which the Cruise Terminal and Seaport Village is located or head a  little North to see San Diego’s Little Italy District, full of popular cafes, pasta, and Chianti glass art. If you say in the main central district you will have the chance to see the Children’s Museum, Petco Padre’s Park, and seemingly endless seaside dining and shopping, all of which make this a true California urban safari!


San Diego Safari Park

The San Diego Safari Park is the 1,800-acre park in the San Pasqual Valley of San Diego that was established in 1972. This institution is one of the largest tourist attractions in the county and houses a large array of wild and endangered animals from all around the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia. This park holds over 2,600 animals representing over 300 different species who call it home as well as over 3,500 plant species. Once here your group will see why two million visitors pass through these gates annually, as you explore all the park has to offer. One of the most popular features is the Africa Tram, a vehicle that explores the expansive Africa exhibits that include beautiful antelopes, giraffes, rhinos, and cranes. Your group will have the tough choice of choosing between the Behind the Scenes Safari, Cheetah, Roar, and Snore, or Ultimate, plus many more! The Ultimate Safari gives guests thrills, exclusivity, and up close and personal animal interaction, the perfect balance of all offered safari tours!