4-Day Dallas Educational Trek

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Get ready for a whirlwind 4 days full of education, entertainment, and excitement in Dallas, Texas!


iT’Z Family Food and Fun - Welcome to iT’Z Family Food and Fun, the top spot in Euless Texas to find quality food and entertainment for families. This recreation zone features several different really exciting things to do, the broad range of activities sure to keep everyone in your group pleased, no matter what age. Enjoy a fresh and diverse menu in the buffet area and a wide range of gaming activities in the game zone/arcade area. Over 150 video and ticket games, indoor rides and attractions, and ample physical activities inside make this one seriously popular spot for parties, corporate events, and student groups of all sorts! Oh, and don’t worry about your group size, iT’Z can handle anywhere from 10 to 2,000 people per group! The hardest thing to do while here is deciding where to go first, the entire facility offering bowling lanes, bumper cars, laser tag, a massive arcade, a rock climbing wall, and a few rides!


Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture - If you truly want to get to know Dallas then you definitely need to stop here, the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture. This highly historic and beautifully restored spot displays practically everything you need to know about the region, and it presents it in an easy to understand and entertaining way, making this the perfect educational travel spot for your big group! You’ll know you’ve found Old Red when you see it, the building on South Houston Street providing a dramatic viewing of a grandiose red sandstone courthouse, the property first built here in 1890. The location of this spot is actually perfect, sitting at the crossroads of activity in downtown Dallas. You can see Dealey Plaza and the JFK Memorial right within walking distance of this building, as well as several eating and shop (and just plain sightseeing) opportunities all around.

GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower - Welcome to the most popular landmark in Dallas, Reunion Tower. This iconic observation deck features regular light shows, breathtaking 360-degree city views, two different onsite restaurants, and even a gift shop. This is both an entertainment and education stop, teaching you much about this tower and community in general while also keeping you highly interested the entire visit. Groups typically spend about two full hours here, between enjoying the views, learning new information, and relaxing in the onsite cafes.Once inside the tower during your visit, you will take an elevator up 470 feet to the observation deck, the site giving you the absolute best panoramic views of the city, high definition zoom cameras, interactive touchscreens, telescopes, and even outdoor viewing opportunities. You will be able to see miles in any direction here, day or night. There are several new interactive experiences here to enjoy as well, such as the Reunion Tower Constellation Project, a series of touch monitors in which you can add your name and geographical information to a star!

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science - The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, located near downtown Dallas in Victory Park, opened in 2012 as a “living science lesson.” The museum strives to inspire future scientific leaders through educational yet wholly interactive exhibits with hands-on activities. Explore with your children, or students, the 11 permanent exhibit halls and various traveling exhibits over five sprawling floors. See a 35 foot Malawisaurus fossil in the T. Boone Pickens Life Then and Now Hall where you can also see a variety of dinosaurs, fossilized remains, and more in this paleontology-focused exhibit. The other exhibit halls are equally fascinating, including the Moody Family Children’s Museum which was designed specifically for children younger than five years old. Here, toddlers can explore in a safe environment and enhance their senses with hands-on activities. Not only is this a museum with children in mind, it is also interesting for adults!



Dallas World Aquarium - Not only is the Dallas World Aquarium completely devoted to the conservation and preservation of tropical and marine animals, but they are also dedicated to bringing everyday visitors the most advanced scientific information and interactive exhibits so you feel that you are truly experiencing the most of South America's wildlife. Opened in 1992, utilizing historic warehouses in downtown Dallas, the aquarium gathered and repurposed buildings to create the magnificent collection of exhibits that it is today.The DWA can be described as more than just an aquarium as it regularly houses mammals, birds, and other non-amphibious creatures. The major exhibits, of which there are five, all focus around the massive eight-story Mundo Maya exhibit. This incredible gallery is home to plants and animals featured in Mayan folklore plus a 400,000-gallon walk-through exhibit filled with hypnotic and sometimes dangerous creatures. From American flamingos to Axolotls, relatives of the Tiger salamander, Mundo Maya includes nothing but an authentic interpretation of the ancient Mayan culture and their spiritual and practical fascination with wildlife.

AT&T Performing Arts Center - One of the most impressive, massive, expensive, and newest additions to Dallas’ booming art scene will make up your next stop, the AT&T Performing Arts Center. This multi-million (354, to be exact) dollar performance venue can hold up to 5950 people total, the massive entertainment complex holding regular concerts, plays, operas, and events/galas. This spot first opened in 2009 with the motto it still holds proudly today ‘enriching your life. Enriching the community’. On any given night you will find an extremely wide range of performances, a good example of this being their current holiday lineup, as follows: Neil Degrasse, Kristin Chenoweth, A Christmas Carol, and Book of Mormon. You can choose from Broadway, theater, comedy, speakers, music, dance, or series. This means that there will literally be something for everybody to choose from during your visit, so big groups, have no fear!

SpeedZone - Get ready to go fast, your next big group stop here at Dallas's very own premier racing center, SpeedZone. This go kart racing fun center also features mini golf and arcade games, plus dinner and concessions. If you are looking for fun for your whole group, this is your place! Here at SpeedZone, located along Malibu Drive in Dallas, you will find 4 different racing tracks, an impressive arcade, and a mini golf course you won’t soon forget! Visiting ‘Dallas’ favorite place for racing fun’ is like having your very own professional race track in your own backyard! Once you’ve had your fill of racing head inside to the arcade to relax and then invite your friends to a round of mini golf! The go karts are presented in several different styles, from top eliminator dragsters with 300 horsepower to drift style racers. Hit the Thunder Road track for good family fun, the Slick Trax for drifting, or the Lil Thunder for the kiddos!


Dallas Museum of Art - As a major metropolitan museum of art, the Dallas Museum of Art is wholly devoted to preserving fine art from all over the world and promoting education and appreciation of artistic expression. Here at the Dallas Museum of Art, visitors gain a comprehensive and personal look into the world of art. Take a guided tour of your favorite galleries or walk through at your own pace, exploring the various eras of art from ancient ceremonial artifacts to modern photography and everywhere in between. View masters of the paintbrush like Henri Matisse, Edouard Manet, Winslow Homer, Kandinsky, and Vincent Van Gogh throughout the galleries. Explore new artists in revolving, temporary exhibitions or travel back in time with collections of ancient artifacts from South America, Africa, Native Americans, and Asia.Special exhibits feature Texas artists and the history of how Texan art shaped the museum as it stands today.

Crow Collection of Asian Art - The Crow Collection of Asian Art, more formally known as the Trammel and Margaret Crow Collection, is a museum dedicated to the arts and cultures of China, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia. This highly popular arts complex is located in the downtown Dallas arts district, one of the only galleries in the state dedicated to individual region’s showcases of Asian art from 1000 B.C to the 20th century. Groups will typically spend about an hour and a half exploring this Asian art hotspot, though if you add in personalized tours, lectures, or intense gift shop shopping you can make the stay a lot longer. The Crow Collection first opened here in 1998 with the mission to ‘honor the vision, generosity of spirit, and celebrated tradition of Trammell and Margaret Crow’. Their love of the arts of Asia was contagious to those who knew them, and the community remembers fondly their impact on the culture of Dallas in general.

Shenaniganz - Welcome to Shenaniganz, a super entertainment center located in Rockwell, Texas, just about 30 minutes away from downtown Dallas. This fun spot will be worth the drive to end your day, Shenaniganz boasting the title of ‘experts at handling busloads of kids and teens with crazy levels of energy’, meaning both the students and the chaperones will get a fun break from the travel routine! Shenaniganz is the place where you can ‘have fun with your food’, a half restaurant and bar, half entertainment complex. Enjoy bowling, mini golfing, go-karting, or playing lazer tag while here, that is, after you enjoy a delicious dinner from Rozie’s Grill, of course. Rosie's will provide your group with all the best in pub foods, from extra cheesy pizza and spicy wings to gourmet sandwiches and salads. There will be something for your whole group to enjoy here, plus you can get special ‘Food + Fun’ combos, allowing you to save on your meal and gamecard!