4-Day Hawaiian Island Discovery

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Aloha, and welcome to Hawaii! On this 4-day Island Adventure, your group will get to see the most historic and influential local landmarks, spend some quality time with nature hiking in Diamond Head and hitting the sand on the beach, and immersing themselves in the true Polynesian culture with luaus and hula dance lessons.


Honolulu Lei Greetings - Upon your arrival at the absolutely gorgeous Hawaiian islands, you and your group will receive the definition of a warm welcome with the sun shining down on you as you receive a traditional flower lei. At various airports including Lihue, Kahului, and Kona, you will be presented with the option of pre-ordering online a lei greeting when you land; companies like Honolulu Lei Greetings offer several fun options and large group discounts. The gorgeous necklaces of flowers are the true nature of Aloha and fit well with the local phrase "fresh flowers and warm alohas." You will meet a greeter holding a sign displaying your names, receive your lei greetings, and then be helpfully led to your next terminal or transportation source. There is really no better way to arrive on the islands! 

Kualoa Ranch - Next stop on your epic and beautiful 4-day Hawaii adventure is the breathtaking 4,000-acre private nature reserve and working cattle ranch, Kualoa Ranch. This absolutely gorgeous ranch is a popular tourist attraction and filming location along the windward coast of Oahu. This nature area is considered to be the "world’s most famous private nature reserve," an area perfect for eco-tourism activities alongside peaceful and unique observation opportunities of some of the most tranquil spots in Oahu. Explore the grounds, take it all in, and then learn all about the history of this ranch and the sixth generation Kama’aina family that continues to work the ranch today. Your group can partake in several different onsite tours, from ATV tours to horseback and jungle expedition tours. Try close-by Aunty Pat’s Cafe for a truly authentic experience, the restaurant serving delicious and local grass-fed beef, fresh oysters, and Oahu special shrimp!

Learn the Hula - Your group definitely won’t be disappointed with your last stop for the day, a truly authentic and culture-filled opportunity to learn the Hawaiian Island Hula! This activity is an ancient practice that sheds light on local Polynesian roots and Hawaiian cultural evolution. There are a couple of different styles of Hula to learn, one being Hula Auana, the more modern/Western music-filled hula that is more fluid, or the Hula Kahiko, an ancient version with dramatic chants, percussion, and traditional costumes. Here at the Royal Hawaiian Center on Waikiki Beach in Oahu, you can even take to the stage after learning the dance, this establishment is a well-respected school of Kumu Hula, or hula teachers, that have complete faith you’ll get the hang of it while here. This establishment also oftentimes hosts different festivals and competitions, so you might happen to visit during a much larger hula and culture learning opportunity!


Hike Diamond Head - This next stop on the eastern edge of Waikiki’s coastline in Honolulu is worth a full day's attention, in our opinion, though you and your group can spend as little or as much time here as you like. Diamond Head is the rugged, raw, and really gorgeous spot on the coastline that provides one of the most perfect postcard views of Honolulu, Koko’s head being ranked as one of the absolutely most gorgeous spots in the world by several different hiking and travel publications. This spot is very well known for its beauty and wilderness, but mostly for its out of this world, completely unique hiking options. Pack your best hiking boots, bring plenty of water, grab your camera and/or binoculars, and get ready for an absolutely amazing and fully nature-immersive Hawaiian hike! In this region, you will see an extinct volcano surrounded by several different rugged trails, panoramic views, and several wildlife viewing opportunities and history immersion options!


Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial - One of the most popular attractions, as well as sobering memorials, in all of the United States, will start your third amazing Hawaiian Island day, the Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial. This Honolulu historical gem serves as the memorialized monument to the sailors and marines killed on the USS Arizona during the infamous Japanese attack. Here you and your group will be immersed in the intriguing yet melancholy history of the 1941 island attack, a day no American citizen will ever forget. This attraction is the number one visitor destination in Hawaii, with millions of visitors from all around the world taking the time to stop and pay their respects while here. While here you will see the USS Arizona Memorial alongside the WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument, both excellent ways to see and learn all about the attacks and how they affected local life, as well as the lives of thousands of others.

City Tour of Honolulu - Polynesian Adventure Tours will show you Hawaii's capital, Honolulu, like never before as you explore the scenic neighborhoods around Waikiki. This tour provides various city-wide pickups at major hotels and provides your group with the best expert narration of the historical significance of Pearl Harbor, scenic coastlines of Oahu, the ecology of the surrounding lush tropical forests, and the recreation and culture behind Waikiki’s warm bustling beaches. Whatever tour your group decides to do it will be no doubt you will have an amazingly informative, culture-filled, and scenic tour of the island city! On the double-decker bus tours, you can feel the wind in your hair and the air conditioning below, allowing you to see such popular sites as the USS Arizona Visitor Center, Pearl Harbor Memorial, National Cemetery, Courts of Oahu Punchbowl, Iolani Palace, Mission House Museum, and King Kamehameha statue in comfort and style!

National Cemetery of the Pacific - The National Cemetery of the Pacific is the soberingly beautiful 34,000 grave cemetery located in Honolulu. This resting place takes up 112.5 total acres and was established in 1949, today serving proudly as a historic burial site honoring local veterans from over 4 total wars, as well as honoring one of the most striking views of the surrounding island from a volcanic crater. Often times referred to aptly as ‘the punchbowl’, this site is historically known as Puowaina, or the Hill of Sacrifice, and was geologically created somewhere between 75,000 to 100,000 years ago. This spot, Oahu’s Punchbowl, is truly a very calming military resting place, with superbly scenic vistas of the surrounding tropical land. The history of a culture that once thrived here, and still thrives here, is very visible in every step, so be sure to save some extra time to get to know the story behind the 1800’s stronghold and kingdom that ruled here.

Washington Place - Next stop, Washington Place, the 3-acre historic mansion of Hawaiian rulers that will immerse your group deep into essential local history and culture. This Greek Revival style palace in Hawaii’s capital historic district was highly popular during the rule of King Kamehameha the Great, as well as during Queen Liliuokalani's infamous arrest during the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Since 1922 this mansion has served as the official residence for government officials of Hawaii, representing nicely both old Hawaii and new Hawaii. The home welcomes guests to come to learn the significance of the state’s intriguing history through the lives of its current residents, as well as historic information exhibits. Enjoy the surrounding historic district, full of homes representing life from the 1840s to the mid-1900s. Your group may reserve a Public Tour by reservation in advance, happening each Thursday, or you can just enjoy strolling around the beautiful property on your own with a daily open house tour!

Iolani Palace - Welcome to Iolani Palace, the only royal palace left in the United States! This palace is the premier 11-acre historic royal residence located in downtown Honolulu, first created in 1871. This opulent 19th century home housed many of Hawaii’s last monarchs, such as King Kamehameha III under his famous and fairly long local dynasty. This entire palace is considered to be one of the most spectacular living restorations in all of Polynesia, and today it operates as an excellent local heritage museum, allowing guests to immerse themselves into the royal heritage of the Kingdom of Hawaii as it was in the not-so-distant past. Each on-site tour will take you through 2 floors of gallery exhibits as well as several historically accurate and meticulously restored palace rooms. Explore the Grand Hall, Throne Room, Blue Room, State Dining Room, and several of the Private Suites and see exactly what it was like to live within this royal home!

King Kamehameha Statue - The King Kamehameha Statue is the perfect place on the island to pay your respects to a dynasty past for the Royal Hawaiian Kingdom, a truly impressive memorial statue located just behind Hawi in North Kohala, technically in Kapaau. More specifically right in front of the North Kohala Civic Center,  this depiction of a famous warrior, diplomat, and leader is a representative of what united the islands into the Royal Kingdom in 1810.The stone for the 2 to 3 ton Naho Stone statue was forged in Florence in 1880, though that ship sank on its way and a more local replacement was found. In 1912 the sunken statue was miraculously found and restored, bringing a second, though an original, majestic tribute to the kingdom. Each June 11th the statue, and the king himself, get paid a lot of attention for the local holiday Kamehameha Day, a day in which respects are paid and flower lei are draped around the statues.


Free Time - It is your last day in Hawaii and we know you may need some time to yourself to fully enjoy the island, or perhaps to go back to something you didn’t have enough time at from a day before. This morning is all about you, so wake up, smell the fresh Hawaiian grown and ground bean coffee, grab some local breakfast, and spend some time getting to know Hawaii. Spend your morning at local shops, vacant yet beautiful sandy beach sides, or perhaps hiking the backside of a local volcano. You can even just sleep in at your hotel or local B&B and enjoy the views from your room or hotel pool, you can’t go wrong with some free time on the big island!

Authentic Hawaiian Luau - Your last Hawaiian-bliss-filled day will be no disappointment, we assure you that. To end your day or rather an afternoon, you and your group will be heading to the Polynesian Cultural Center, located along Kamehameha Bay. This is the area in which you can explore the rich heritage of the Pacific Islands, the entire property containing over 42 acres of tropical splendor, traditional culture, and intriguing local history. While here your group will be able to partake in several various traditional hands-on activities, as well as have the option of dining like royalty at an authentic Polynesian Luau. There are 3 different dining experiences possible while here, including the Ali'i Luau Buffet, Royal Celebration of Cultural Heritage, or BBQ lunch buffet. Each buffet carries all the most gorgeous and delicious local tropical fish, glazed chicken, strip loins, fresh salmon, poke, and much more. You will eat delicious food, see traditional songs and shows, and even see the magnificent island sunset while here!