4-Day Miami Sunshine

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With this tour we have striven to give your grad group the absolute best options in all that is Miami! Take a four-day weekend in the Sunshine State as you explore all the history, culture, and educational opportunities Spend a day touring the bay and hanging out on the beach, and another learning all about science! This trip is perfect for a large group with a variety of interests, offering many different entertaining things to do along the way!


Freedom Tower - Welcome to Freedom Tower, the Miami Dade College associated Museum of Art and Design as well as the Miami Cuban American Museum. Originally this building served as the Miami News headquarters, today being one of south Florida’s most distinctive historic buildings around. Besides being a newspaper office the Freedom Tower was also a reception center for Cuban refugees from 1962 to 1974, playing a highly important role in Cuban and American history. Inside you will see art exhibits of Cuban immigrants as well as learn the story of the resettlement of the Cubans during the Cold War. The tower itself is a cupola on a 255-foot tower that is itself contained in a decorative beacon.  If the striking architectural detail of this octagonal tower and richly ornamented facade doesn’t truly impress your group, the 40 foot New World Mural sure will!

Everglades Airboat Adventure - Tour one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, the "river of grass," with Airboat in Everglades next. You and your group will have the chance to see some of the most impressive natural beauty as you explore the Sawgrass mangroves and shallow wetlands. The luxury airboat will allow your group to roam and sight see the natural beauty of the Everglades all while sitting in comfy waterproof seats, the entire boat itself powered by high tech jets. On this tour, your group and yourself will get to experience the natural wildlife of south Florida up close and personal, with ample opportunities to see such creatures as alligators, deer, snakes, bears, panthers, bobcats, raccoons, and over 300 different species of bird. It will be easy to see why people love Airboat in Everglades, a company true to their word of wanting to bring the public closer to a truly wondrous and endangered ecosystem.

Bayside Marketplace - End your day at the 230,000 square foot festival marketplace in downtown Miami known as Bayside Marketplace. First established in 1987, Bayside Marketplace provides over 15 million visitors annually with ample shopping, food, live music, local culture, and fantastic seaside viewing opportunities, what more could you ask for in a shopping mall? Your group will find all the major retail stores inside, from 98 Coast Avenue to Wet Seal, and everything in between. Shop the best clothing, electronics, food, health and beauty, home and housewares, shoes, fashion, specialty shops, and sports and fitness stores within the spacious two floors of shopping center. Once you’ve worked up an appetite you can head to any of the many restaurant options, such as Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Five Guys Burger and Fries, Auntie Anne's, or even Fat Tuesday Daiquiri Bar! There is so much to see here, from the always diverse crowd to the upbeat outdoor music and sightseeing atmosphere.


Jungle Island - Welcome to Jungle Island, Miami’s premier entertainment destination that combines the beauty of a tropical landscape with a jungle full of extraordinary animals. This interactive zoological park is located on Watson Island in Miami and was first opened in 1936. 75 years of successful history combined with the 22 acres of prime naturally beautiful land makes this contemporary theme park the brightest and most unique destination in Miami! Originally called Parrot Island, this piece of land is home to nearly 3,000 different animal, bird, and plant species, particularly beloved for its over 300 birds, one of which includes the world’s only trained Cassowary. Today Jungle Island is also highly loved for its extremely rare twin orangutans, Peanut and Pumpkin. You can also see Jake and Hanna the orangutans, red kangaroos, baboons, and even lions! Within the 135 miles of winding, covered trails your group will also see unusual flora, such as the African sausage Tree or several rare cycads as well!

Coral Castle - Welcome to Coral Castle, the landmark outdoor garden featuring sculptures hand carved by the Latvian American aberrant Edward Leedskalnin. First started in 1923, this stone structure garden is located in Leisure City, within the limits of Miami-Dade County. Completed finally in 1951, this whole area took 28 years, 1,100 tons of coral, and some seriously intense dedication. The creator, Mr. Leedskalnin, used only handmade tools during the building and stands by what is today considered one of the world’s most mysterious accomplishments. Some of the most impressive features here include the nine-ton gate that moves with the touch of a finger, the Polaris Telescope, and the fully functioning rocking chairs, all made out of coral stone. Learn about the homemade tools used, as well as the rumors of supernatural help in the building of this park, rather than plain ole’ human dedication.


Biscayne Bay Boat Tours - Operated under the company Miami Grayline your group will find your next exciting Miami stop, the Biscayne Bay Boat Tours. With daily departures on the hour, this sightseeing opportunity along the always gorgeous Biscayne Bay offers your group absolutely amazing views of the Miami skyline. During this trip you will be able to savor the city from the bay as you see and hear about all the most famous celebrity homes, historic landmarks, and culturally important sites you pass from the salty water. During your tour your group will have the utmost comfort on the ride, each boat offering lower salons that are enclosed and air conditioned to ensure great tours regardless of the weather, as well as upper decks that provide fresh, crisp open air with partial awnings for your safety and convenience. During the fully narrated tour (with bilingual options) your group will see Fisher Island, Miami Beach, the Port of Miami cruise and cargo districts,  and Millionaires row, with houses including those of Gloria Estefan, Shaq, P. Diddy, and even Rosie O!

Beach Time - Known as the American Riviera, Miami’s South Beach is a thriving cultural hot spot and beachy beauty in south Florida. This trendy and unconventional neighborhood has grown into a wildly popular tourist destination for everyone seeking a lively, warm, and inviting spot to relax and find excitement. South Beach stretches from Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean for miles, making a beautiful location with the perfect climate. With the palm tree classic look, the beach is covered in silky soft golden white sands leading into the brilliant turquoise waters that are a magnet for locals and tourists alike. Though the beach can be crowded, it is worth the effort and crowds to experience this pristine, warm-weather favorite. South Beach is renowned for its mix of vibrant cultures and Latin-American influence making for a young, urban energy that illuminates the area. Stop by restaurants like Puerto Sagua to sample a taste of authentic Cuba in a relaxing, colorful environment.


Jaguar Miami -  After all that Safari fun your group has surely worked up an appetite, which is a good reason to head over to one of Miami’s premier eateries, Jaguar Miami. This enticing eatery is located in the heart of Miami’s lush Coconut Grove, most popularly known as the Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar and Latin Grill. Here your group will find a unique selection of ceviche, each embodying perfectly the vibrant flavors of Latin America. Once here you will experience the highest quality of ingredients and unforgettable flavors mixed pleasantly with a truly inviting setting. Some of the most popular dishes that you may want to lay your hands on include the Patacon Pisao con Carne, Vitara de Mariscos, Asado Negro, or Chile Ancho Relleno. It is quite easy to see why Conde Nast Traveler has raved about this eatery, as well as why Fodor’s has named it the "best bet for Miami dining."