5-Day Orlando Marching Band Performance Trip

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Are you ready for four full days of iconic Orlando fun? How about three different major performances with your marching band group or two visits to what are considered to be America's favorite theme parks? We sure hope so! 

Ron Jon’s Surf Shop - Start your Orlando performance adventure out at Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, the world’s largest and most famous surfing mecca! Open 24 hours a day, this stop will fill your group in on the history of the brand and sport of surfing in general. Every possible item you need for surfing can be found here, as well as fishing and swimming gear. This store, in particular, is over 52,000 square feet and is considered to be one of a kind in the Ron Jon world, known for its experienced and enthused employees as well as its convenient location which makes it highly traversed. Performance In Excellence is a unique program that allows elementary, middle and high school performers a place to show off their talent.  Every group from large marching bands, small choral groups, and dance ensembles perform at the store regularly, and now your group will join the ranks!

Beach Time at Cocoa Beach Pier - What would a trip to Florida be without a stop at the beach? At the Cocoa Beach Pier, you can experience a local historic landmark that provides amazing fishing, surfing, and one truly amazing 800-foot boardwalk above the Atlantic. There will be seemingly endless food choices, live music, shopping opportunities up on the pier, though you can just as easily just opt for a few hours on the beach below. Enjoy a relaxing sandy nap, swimming, snorkeling, or some beach volleyball! This is truly the perfect place for you and your entire group to take in all the sand, sun, and surf you can while in the Sunshine State!

Blue Man Group - End your evening with a performance by everyone’s favorite bald and blue trio, the Blue Man Group. Regularly putting on shows at CityWalk in Universal, this Emmy-nominated musical group is internationally acclaimed for their unusual music, situational and physical comedy, narrative theatrics, and artistic percussions. See amazing lights and neon visuals paired with unusual music and non-traditional storytelling, the colorful science, backdrops, and special effects truly a sight to see! Enjoy the exciting sounds of PVC pipes, barrel drums, and so much more, and don’t forget to don a poncho if you plan on sitting near the front, the paint will surely splatter on you!


Universal Studios - Start your second big day in Orlando at one of the most popular theme parks in the entire nation, Universal Studios. This is the spot where you and your group can step right inside your favorite movies and TV shows, ride thrilling rides, and eat great food! Visit Diagon Alley, meet the minions of Despicable Me, and experience the 3D interactive Transformers battle right. Men in Black, Twister, Terminator 2, The Simpsons, and Shrek are but just a few of the inspirations you’ll see around the park. There will be tons of shows for you to see while you are here, and there is also tons of shopping, dining, and great nightlife on the CityWalk. This is one seriously entertaining and dynamic adventure that no one in your group will regret, we guarantee it!

       Lunch at Universal

Universal Studios STARS Performance - This is your group’s big moment, the chance for you all to perform, learn, and have tons of fun while doing it. Marching bands will have the chance to perform on stage, or perform on the street in a parade during their visit, depending on the time of year and personal preference! Also depending on the time of year, your group may be able to perform in a holiday festival or live events, such as a Christmas Parade or music festival! You will have the chance to get a “Sound Design” workshop after your performance or participate in a professionally adjudicated performance and review. No matter how you decide to play, your performance will be an undoubtedly enjoyable and unforgettable experience, and if you’re lucky you may even be here during the highly popular Music USA Festival! After you’re done strutting your stuff hit the park for some more great times, great rides, and great food!


Islands of Adventure - Your third day will start out with quite the excitement as you and your group head over to Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando’s amazing sister park. This mega-fun mecca allows guests to embark on unforgettable expeditions such as the Jurassic Park River Adventure, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Doctor Doom’s FearFall, and The Mystic Fountain and Poseidon’s Fury. Discover the park's seven uniquely themed islands that bring you your favorite myths, stories, cartoons, comic book heroes, and children’s tale characters, all in real life! This entire attraction has been voted the “Best New Attraction” and “Best Theme Park”, and also owns what is considered to be ‘the best theme park restaurant on the planet’, Mythos! So get ready to have some serious fun on the islands, eat some seriously delicious food, and have an overall unforgettable time at the extremely entertaining Islands of Adventure!  

Medieval Times - After you’ve seen all you can see at Islands of Adventure head over to Medieval Times for a great meal, excellent entertainment, and an all-exclusive trip back in time to medieval Spain! Complete with a moat, drawbridge, and authentic eight-cottage village, this park and dinner theater will allow you to jump back centuries to participate in European castle life, plus its only 20 minutes away from your previous stop! See employees dressed as kings, princesses, lords, and ladies, as you sit down and enjoy a delicious four-course dinner filled with a show of court proceedings, sword fights, and so much more exciting Renaissance fun. While you are waiting for dinner and the show to begin, feel free to explore the surrounding Renaissance-themed village, the Hall of Arms filled with medieval artifacts, or go shake your stuff on the dance floor! The best thing about this stop is that they work extremely well with social group outings, so the whole group will be able to comfortably enjoy themselves.


Walt Disney World - The happiest place on Earth is located in Florida and it’s calling your name today, Walt Disney World making up your very first stop today. This is the most visited theme park in the world, and for good reason too! Considered to be one of the largest and most well-known franchises in the world, Disney is a universal trademark for magic and happiness. This is the place where dreams are made and you get to see your favorite childhood characters come to life. Disney World offers parks and attractions for every age group and interest, from the Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios, Epcot to one of two of the onsite water parks. Meet Cinderella, eat dinner at Beast’s Castle or take a ride in the Haunted Mansion. Park tours are available for groups, with such special options as night safari’s and behind the scenes specials. Time is seriously going to fly while inside the park, so be sure to have your instruments, performance gear, comfortable shoes, and drink plenty of water all day to prepare for your next performance event!

Disney Performing Arts OnStage - Now is the time for your final performance on your Orlando trip, a unique, fun, and truly helpful young musician program by the name of Disney Performing Arts OnStage. This opportunity to play at the park is a great opportunity for you and your marching band group to perform, participate in various competitions, sit in on major festivals, or take part in various professionally guided workshops. Each performance is professionally judged, so you will certainly walk away with more critical teamwork skills, musical fine-tuning, and all-around better (and more comfortable/experienced) performing skills. You may even choose to request hands-on help from top musicians leading the program. Once you are finished performing you may choose to hit the road and head back home, grab a final bite to eat before you leave, or continue to enjoy the evening with all the amazing rides and attractions throughout the park!


Walt Disney World - The happiest place on Earth. . . again! Spend your last day in Florida exploring every nook and cranny of this magical destination!