College Campus Visits 101: A Senior’s Checklist

Preparing for college your senior year is one of the most exciting, nerve-wracking, and potentially life-altering processes to go through while in high school.

Making the right decision on which college suits you best can be tough, especially when you are deciding between two or three really great ones. The best way to make your final decision? Visit campus.

Visiting your prospective college campuses will allow you to see daily student life, meet with professors and get a feel for their teaching style, and truly experience the place you may call home for the next four years. Campus tours immerse you into college life at that particular location, giving you the best indication of whether the school is right for you or not.

Before you go, however, there are some things you should know to fully make the most out of your visit.

Consider this your ultimate checklist for college campus visits, seniors!

✔ Research Campus and Gather Questions

Before you even start your trip you should be fully prepared with questions regarding the campus itself, classes, extracurriculars, dorms, meals, the surrounding community, and anything else important you can think of. Be sure to do ample research on the school you will be visiting beforehand, to ensure your questions aren't answered online and you have a good general layout of the campus and the school's academic offerings in general.

✔ Tour and Info Session

The most important part of a college campus visit is the tour itself, an immersive opportunity to see what the school is all about. Student guides will lead you through campus to the most important spots, including different schools, dorms, athletic facilities, and dining halls. This is an excellent way to truly decide if the school is right for you. Our best advice; if it feels like home, it is home!

✔ Set up Student Meetings

To get the most out of your campus tour try to set up a student meeting. This could be with your student tour guide, a campus club or Greek association member, or just a student you see passing on campus. Get friendly and find out what the students themselves have to say about the school, from the courses themselves to the living situation options and everything in between. Ask all the questions you may not ask a professor and get the low-down on what to expect at this school.

✔ Meet with Professors or Admission Officers

On a more academically focused level, you should try your hardest to meet with a professor in your area of interest or even a general admissions officer. Sit in on a course if you can, too. This will give you a good feel for what will be expected of you daily in your classes, as well as give you a preview of professor expectations, class sizes, and teacher to student interaction.

✔ Explore Campus and Find Areas of Interest

Outside of your campus tour, you should spend some time wandering around campus on your own. Take a look at the quad, the various buildings, and the community surrounding the campus. Sneak a peek at the dorms and walk through the dining halls, allowing you to see the normal day-to-day activities of the campus. We highly suggest finding 'favorite spots' to remember and help your final decision about the school, as well as walk around the surrounding community to see what is within walking distance. After you leave campus drive around the city and scope out the local eateries, stores, and entertainment spots.

✔ Check Out Student Publications and Bulletin Boards

One of the easiest ways to immerse yourself in campus life quickly is to read about whats going on at that particular time. Pick up a school newspaper or magazine or check out the flyers around campus promoting events or clubs. These things will allow you to see campus life on a social level.

✔ Make a Day of It

Outside of exploring the campus and community you should make a day of the whole experience and top your evening off at a local well-known restaurant or entertainment center. Relax, try to have fun, and see if you can see yourself living here for the next four years.

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