College Campus Visits in Colorado

Colorado is a state full of diverse landscapes and culture, major sports leagues, and so many amazing universities. Students who choose a school in Colorado get many ecological benefits, most schools hosting eco-clubs that explore the Rocky Mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park, and various desserts and river canyons. The Native American history and geography of this population-booming state alone are interesting, not even adding on the out of this world educational facilities.

There are around 45 universities within Colorado’s boundaries, each one representing another great aspect of education. Most universities here represent strong science, engineering, and business programs, not to mention great NCAA sports standings.

*All Ranking and Undergrad Statistically Information from U.S News and World Report - Rankings and Reviews

  • Colorado College - Colorado Springs
    #24 Ranked National Liberal Arts University - 2,118 Undergrad Enrollment
    Welcome to Colorado College, the private, 90-acre, highly selective liberal arts school located at the base of Pike’s Peak. Here students enjoy small course sizes, 3.5-week block plan scheduling, and tons of eco-adventure bonuses. This school boasts an impressive outdoor recreation committee, as well as the Prowler’s NCAA Division III athletics teams. There are several annual events, volunteer opportunities, and local school history, the university first founded in 1874.

  • Colorado Mesa University - Grand Junction#23 Ranked Regional West University - 9,299 Undergrad Enrollment
    Get ready to cheer on the Mavericks with this Colorado campus visit option, Colorado Mesa University. This 86-acre campus is public and semester-based, first founded here in 1925. There is a heavy emphasis placed on faculty-student interaction here, with impressively small class sizes coupled with amazing professional and tech programs. Not only can you enjoy business, nursing, criminal justice, and kinesiology while here, but you can also enjoy the western Colorado scenery of mountains and desert canyons, plus over 23 NCAA Division II sports teams!

  • The United States Air Force Academy - USAF Academy
    #32 Ranked National Liberal Arts University - 4,111 Undergrad Enrollment
    If you are military bound and you are in Colorado, you should probably make sure you visit the United States Air Force Academy. This renowned U.S academy is public and suburban, covering an astounding 18,500 acres of prime Colorado land. Those training for the military service can enjoy semester based training as cadets here, as well as over 30 different majors. The Division 1 Fighting Falcons have iconic rivalries with the Army and Navy Teams, which is good because athletics are required for students here. The strict daily schedule helps students train for military life, plus learn so much in the process!

  • University of Denver - Denver
    #86 Ranked National University - 5,758 Undergrad Enrollment
    In Denver, you will find another popular private university, the 125-acre University of Denver. Founded in 1864, this local historic school practices quarter-based academics in a mostly urban setting. Students here can enjoy a myriad of eco-adventures and club and organization opportunities, with over 100 different ones represented here, the most popular possibly the Alpine Club. Sports are also a big deal here, the Division I Summit League just the first step to getting into any of the 4 major sports leagues in Denver. This campus also holds a Women’s College, as well as Sturm College of Law, though most students tend to attack a business, social sciences, or biomedical degree during their stay.

  • University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
    #39 Ranked Regional West University - 9,299 Undergrad Enrollment
    The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, is a public school in the area known for being particularly affordable. Not only is this university easily affordable for most students, but it is also renowned for its student interaction and small class sizes. 45% of this school's courses have 20 students or less in them, ensuring really quality education. Some of the most popular majors at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs include psychology, health, and business administration, the entire 510-acre campus the perfect spot for freshmen to call home.

  • Colorado School of Mines - Golden#82 Ranked National University - 4,608 Undergrad Enrollment
    One of the most unique schools in Colorado comes up next, the 499-acre suburban school by the name of Colorado School of Mines. Here in Golden, Colorado, you can see the public school founded in 1874 that holds one of the best science and engineering programs in the state. Students here enjoy 14 different academic departments, with everything from mechanical engineering and geophysics to liberal arts and business. The school, located just 13 miles from Denver, has a great view of the Rockies, located right in the foothills, as well as an impressive collection of clubs and sports. Get ready to cheer on the Blaster Burros!

  • Colorado State University-Fort Collins
    #129 Ranked National University - 24,433 Undergrad Enrollment
    Welcome to Fort Collins, the home of the 1870-founded public school CSU, or Colorado State University. This 586-acre campus host semester-based courses at the base of the Rockies, just one hour north of Denver. There are over 150 degrees offered here within the 8 different colleges, representing everything from biomedical science to business administration. This ‘leading research university’ is great with atmospheric science, infectious disease studies, and even Rams sports (Division I Mountain West Conference)!

  • University of Colorado Boulder - Boulder
    #92 Ranked National University - 27,010 Undergrad Enrollment
    Last, but certainly not least, we have the University of Colorado, Boulder. This 600-acre campus was founded in 1876, holding much history within its public, city-based campus. Here at CU students enjoy the benefits of over 300 campus organizations, an NCAA Pac-12 Division standing, and the prestige of being named one of the only 62 colleges part of the Association of American Universities (research-based). Cheer on the Boulder Buffaloes, enjoy free campus and city shuttle transportation, and get out and explore the Rocky Mountains with any of the many eco-clubs here! Oh, and the engineering, education, and law programs aren’t so bad, either!

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