Maryland Center for History and Culture

Maryland Center for History and Culture

Connect with the American story at the Maryland Center for History and Culture. We invite you to ask questions, make discoveries, learn something new, and be inspired by the past as we look to the future.

Welcome to the Maryland Center for History and Culture, the oldest continuously operating nonprofit cultural institution in the entire state. This institution was first founded in 1844 by Brantz Mayer as a place dedicated to preserving the irreplaceable history of Maryland.

Considered a leading center of Maryland history education for all ages, the Maryland Center for History and Culture allows guests to 'discover and develop a deeper understanding of the nation's history and culture through the lens of Maryland'. Inside there is something for everyone, the center featuring over 350,000 objects and over 7 million books, documents, and photographs total. You will be able to explore a collection of 2500 toys, dolls, and games, 866 pieces of jewelry, and 10,000 household and office objects.

School groups will be able to participate in educational programming during their visit, with various field trip options, professional development workshops, lectures, tours, and even virtual field trips. The opportunities are meant to 'inspire a lifelong learning and spark curiosity in history'. The tours typically last about 45 minutes and include such subjects as The Spectrum of Fashion, Wild and Untamed, and Flickering Treasure.

*The center is a part of Mt. Vernon's Cultural District, meaning there are plenty more historic landmarks, art museums, cultural theaters, and dining options nearby.