The 5 Main Types of Field Trips you Should be Taking

As homework piles are dwindling down to end of the first half of the school year a country full of overly eager students are on their way home for winter break and holiday festivities! We thought it would be a good time to send out a reminder for all our dedicated teacher friends about exactly what types of field trips you should be planning, taking, or thinking about taking in the next semester!

It may seem simple and straightforward, but we do find that oftentimes teachers and parents get confused on what kinds of attractions they should be taking their students to see and at what time in the year. A lot of this depends on the age group, the interest range, and the educational level at the time.
k it down for you:

*Keep in mind that there are several more travel opportunities for your students to enjoy than we've listed below, these are simply the most educationally-focused. Of course, you have your basic end of the year trips, reward trips, pizza parties, and senior celebration trips, but that's not what this is about!

  1. Elementary School Field Trips
    Students: Ages 4-12
    Purpose: To help develop critical knowledge, both inside and outside of the classroom, through hands-on activities and experiences.
    Common: Museums, Zoos, Parks, Local Landmarks, Aquariums.
    Our Choice: Adler Planetarium - Chicago, or Smithsonian - DC

  2. Middle/Jr. High Excursions
    Students: Ages 11-14
    Purpose: To continue fostering interest in education with fun, rewarding, and exciting educational opportunities.
    Common: Theater/Music, Art Museum, Historic Cities, Amusement Parks.
    Our Choice: Broadway - NYC, Exploratorium - San Francisco

  3. High School Field Trips
    Students: Ages 14-18
    Purpose: To instill a passion for education into students, further their already rapidly growing knowledge and intrigue, and prepare them for the future.
    Common: Businesses, Colleges, Factories, Government, Sporting Events
    Our Choice: World of Coca-Cola - Atlanta, State Capitol - Jefferson City (Choose Your State)

  4. College Visits
    Students: Ages 15-18
    Purpose: To allow students to explore their educational options for the near future by visiting campuses, sitting in on classes, and walking around the halls of their future institutions of choice.
    Common: Major State Universities: Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, Northwestern.
    Our Choice: University of Notre Dame - Indiana, Dartmouth - New Hampshire

  5. Club Trips
    Students: All Ages: Athletic Teams, School Clubs (Science Club, FBLA, DECA, etc), Marching Band and Choir Groups.
    Purpose: To help students continue pursuing their personal passion, teach them more about that particular passion in the field, and help them practice and further perfect it.
    Common: Band Performances at Amusement Parks, Traveling Soccer Competitions, Envirothon.
    Our Choice: Rock the Boat Performance Cruises - All Over the U.S