The 8 Types of Field Trips to Think About Taking

Planning a field trip isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and we at Adventure Student Travel know this. That’s why we are here as your top tip resource, as well as your top booking agency for field trips. Below we have listed some of the absolute finest places to take your students to immerse them in educational experience they won’t forget, benefiting both you and your class.

The details of where and what are only suggestions, not our only options by any means. Click the main option title for more trip options and info.

  1. Science Museum Trip - Science Field Trip

    Where: Detroit, Michigan
    What:  Michigan Science Center
    Why: Countless interactive exhibits, an onsite planetarium, shopping and eating options onsite, and even live demonstrations daily make this spot one of our top choices. Highly educational activities and exhibits within allow students hands-on opportunities to learn while also meeting several different specific curriculum standards in the broad spectrum of scientific learning.

  2. Historical Reenactment Trip - Living History Field Trip

    Where: Williamsburg, Virginia
    What: Colonial Williamsburg
    Why: A living history attraction that thousands flock to annually, Colonial Williamsburg pertains specifically with 18th century America, the time period leading up to the Revolutionary War. Students can see what life was like by observing blacksmiths at work along the streets, traditional clothing adorned by locals, and even foods reminiscent of the past, all excellent opportunities to immerse them into education, literally!

  3. Eco-Adventure Trip - Biology Field Trip

    Where: Virginia Beach, Virginia
    What: Eco Wildlife Safari
    Why: Learning about our natural world is a highly important aspect of education, and the Eco Wildlife Safari provides an entertaining way to do so. Students can experience an ‘undiscovered world’ filled with local wildlife (deer, fox, bobcat, marsh birds, ghost crabs, etc) and local plant life (greenery, fruits, nuts, berries, edible flowers, etc). This opportunity also adds in local history elements with the opportunity to explore various shipwrecks, early life remnants, and the like.

  4. Museum of Natural History Trip - Social Science Field Trip

    Where: Chicago, Illinois
    What: Field Museum
    Why: Social Sciences are always important in the educational world, the study of human and scientific interaction both interesting and educational. Learn about the Ancient Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific in regards to natural history and civilization development through the various hands-on exhibits, this being one of the best museums in the country to learn about both science and natural history.

  5. Reward Trip - Celebration/Fun Field Trip

    Where: Orlando, Florida
    What: Walt Disney World
    Why: This one is simple: sometimes students need to blow off some steam, especially when they have been working hard all year or have accomplished a big school-time feat. Walt Disney World is the perfect place to let your students let loose and have some serious fun, one of our overall favorite options for fun field trips. Disney World has the added benefit of being in a highly entertaining city overall, Orlando.

  6. Aviation Museum Trip - Military History Field Trip

    Where: Tucson, Arizona
    What: Pima Air and Space Museum
    Why: Aviation and Military history oftentimes get passed up in the realm of field trip outings, but we think they hold special importance for students interested in the military, or in need of a history lesson in general. The military has played a huge part in U.S history, and places like the astounding Pima Air and Space Museum allow students to immerse themselves into a world of aircraft and military flight expeditions.

  7. Heritage Museum Trip- Culture Field Trip

    Where: New York City, New York
    What: El Museo del Barrio
    Why: Culture exploration and appreciation is an obviously important part of education, and finding museums dedicated to different cultures and heritages is a lot easier than you think. New York City is a great place to find a bevy of culture-filled educational hotspots, such as one of our favorites, El Museo del Barrio. This leading museum of Latin American culture provides guests with art, history, and artifacts that reflect those represented. Another favorite in NYC is the Museum at Eldridge Street, a Jewish heritage museum worth the trip as well!

  8. Historic Church Trip - Religious Field Trip

    Where: Selma, Alabama
    What: Brown Chapel AME
    Why: We believe another important aspect of education is the history of religion and cultures in that sense, local history, and heritages a benefit of religious-themed field trips. The Brown Chapel AME is an especially excellent example of this, holding more Civil Rights history than most other places in town, even the state! Brown Chapel is considered to be the starting point for the Selma to Montgomery Marches of ‘65, as well as a prominent local church for spiritual learning at the time.

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