United States Mint – Philadelphia

United States Mint - Philadelphia

United States Mint photo by Kyle Huff for PHLCVB-6

United States Mint photo by Kyle Huff for PHLCVB-6

To hold a coin or medal produced by the Mint is to connect to the founding principles of our nation and the makings of our economy.

The United States Mint in Philadelphia, or rather, the First United States Mint, is a highly interesting and educational facility created a couple of centuries ago from the need to establish a national identity and fulfill the needs of commerce within the United States.

There are 4 total major United States Mint's (San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia, and West Point), as well as 2 minor posts in Fort Knox and Washington D.C.  The Mints have served as the sole manufacturer of legal tender coinage in America since 1792, making them one of the oldest agencies in our federal government. This specific mint in Philadelphia is the main location where coins are made, though the mints don't just make legal tender, they also make coin proofs, uncirculated coins, commemorative coins, Congressional Gold Medals, and silver and gold bullion coins.

During a tour of the Philadelphia Mint you will get to see the following:

  • A view of the coining operations from 40 feet above the factory floor
  • 7 glass mosaics made by Tiffany of New York, meant to represent the ancient coining process in Rome
  • The 1st coining press from 1792
  • Peter the Mint Eagle, a real bald eagle that calls this place home

Be sure to save time to visit the gift shop before you go, which sells various coin sets, commemorative coins, books, and games.