Student Budget Trip: Dallas

If you want to take your class to a city full of classic southern culture, sprawling cityscapes with plenty of history and iconic landmark hotspots, then Dallas is the place to be!

This city is the home of the Texas State Fair and beloved Dallas Cowboys, the third-largest city and number one tourist destination in all of Texas. The cityscape here is diverse and sophisticated, a region that mixes perfectly southern hospitality and rich pioneer spirit.

While here you can explore popular theme parks, visit zoos or aquariums, discover new art or information at several different museums, or perhaps find a historical spot to trek through. The food here is absolutely fantastic, a heavenly mix of Tex-Mex, Southern Comfort, and true Mexican delights! Shopaholics will not be disappointed either, the city boasts all the finest brand name stores plus a few local specialties. Theaters, performance venues, and absolutely stunning architecture will meet you in Dallas as well, what more could you really ask for?


Dallas is one of those amazing tourist-friendly cities that offers every range of accommodations for its visitors, from budget-friendly campgrounds and motels to high-end hotels and resorts. Here are four favorite choices from each category mentioned:

  • Campground: Loyd Park - Nature getaway with over 200 campsites by the lake, plus swimming, hiking & equestrian recreation opportunities. 
  • Motel: Motel 6 Forest Lane - One of the most budget-friendly ($50-60) motels in the area that still sits above the 3-star average. 
  • Hotel: Omni Dallas Hotel - A mildly sophisticated hotel that allows you to enjoy the finer things in Dallas for a night without completely breaking the bank. ($230)
  • Resort: Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas - 5-star hotel with an onsite 18-hole golf course, full spa, and gourmet dining. ($425)


  • Public Transportation -
    There is a surprising number of transportation options in Dallas, again ranging from budget-friendly to expensively efficient.
    -DART: The Dallas Area Rapid Transit system allows both locals and tourists to shop, explore attractions, get to sports games, or just get to work by train, bus, or both! Midday Pass - $1.75, Two-Hour Pass - $2.50, Day Pass - $5.oo
    -McKinney Avenue Trolley/M-Line: 
    Free Trolly available throughout Dallas, though your wait may be long your experience will be clean and pleasant overall.

     M-Line’s air-conditioned and heated restored vintage trolleys operate normally 365 days a year, providing safe, clean, reliable, and convenient public transportation free of charge (except charters) in Dallas’ vibrant Uptown Neighborhood. - M-Line

Admission Charging Attractions

  • Dallas Zoo  - $
    Lions, tigers, and Dallas Cowboys...oh my!
  • Perot - $
    If you want to see amazing art and artifacts, you want Perot!
  • GeoDeck - $-$$
    See the best views in the city, learn about the region, and eat dinner all in one spot. 
  • Dallas Aquarium - $$
    It is always an amazing experience to see the marine life of the area, especially here in Dallas. 
  • Cowboys Stadium - $$
    If you can't make it to an actual game, a tour of the stadium is just as exciting!
  • Six Flags Over Texas - $$$
    Spend a few hours or maybe a few days at one of the most iconic theme parks in the Lone Star state. 
  • Medieval Times - $$$
    Knights in shining armor, jousting competitions, and delicious pub foods await you here!

Free Attractions

These attractions are all 100% free to visit, so if you run out of money or are just looking for budget-friendly things to do with your group, be sure to visit all these hotspots!

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