The Ultimate NYC Fashion Tour

Ah, New York, New York! The Big Apple.The City that Never Sleeps. And of course, the epicenter of all that is fashion-forward in the United States.

New York City is a must if you are a fashion-minded individual, the city a perfect blend of different cultures, different styles, and most importantly, many different top designers fast at work along the city streets! This is the perfect spot for you to learn and shop, dream and dress to impress!

Pick and choose from any of the following essential New York City Fashion Must-Stops and create your very own Ultimate NYC Fashion Tour, we can even help customize and book it! We suggest picking at least two major shops, one major district, and one major tour to ensure one full day of fashion fun!

Shops -

Macy’s Herald Square - Macy’s, the Great American Department Store, is known around the nation as one of the most iconic retail brands, and is one of our all-time favorite choices for fashion must-stops in the city! Macy’s Herald Square has over two million square feet (that's 11 levels!) of pure shopping bliss on 34th Street, the perfect spot for you and your group to get a feel for New York fashion and fashion history.  

Barney’s - This American chain of luxury department stores was founded and headquartered here in the heart of New York City, a local iconic fashion legacy that has spread to over 27 different locations today. Shop high-end clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, and gifts while here. You’ll even see tons of designs from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Alexander Wang and Christian Louboutin!

NY & Co. - Finally, the famous New York and Company, actually in New York! This iconic fashion brand provides modern, wear-to-work clothing, mostly multi-functional and relatively affordable! Find a wide variety of women’s jeans, dresses, jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, and hosiery, the popular store promoting the goal of ‘making women look great and feel good’.

Prada - Visiting the flagship Prada store in New York is an experience much more comparable to a visit to an art gallery than a shopping experience. The epicenter is located in the SoHo Branch of the Guggenheim Museum, a boldly designed space filled with the finest top fashion pieces!

Bloomingdale’s - We’re sure you’ve heard of this famous American chain of department stores, but perhaps you haven't actually seen the flagship NY location that takes up an entire city block and has a history traced all the way back to 1861. Here you can explore some of the latest top NYC fashion trends,  and the best part is you can still get them for a non-NY price!

Saks Fifth Avenue - This premiere NYC shop is a Herald Square icon, actually considered to be the ‘pillar of the New York Fashion Industry since 1924’. Here you will get to experience luxury shopping like never before, offering the highest quality of clothes within the city, or at least that’s the rumor by many New Yorkers. Don’t feel intimidated if the price range isn’t within your reach, just enjoying looking around!

Tours -

Fashion Windows Walking Tour - This tour is what many consider to be the ‘most artistic, fun, and entertaining’ display of windows in the world, a 2 hour long walking tour that will show you the best of the best in NYC window fashion and design! Gaze lovingly through that glass barrier at such iconic brands as Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, and Marc Jacobs, all without breaking the bank!

Shopping Girlfriend NYC - This is a great option for the girls in your group, a personal/group shopping experience that will put all the essence of NYC fashion at your feet! Each tour is led by pro-stylist and personal shopper Pilar Kate, a woman dedicated to making her guests walk away ‘looking and feeling fabulous.’

Urban Oasis Tour - Choose between the Garment District, SoHo, and Brooklyn for this tour option, a unique and interesting mix of NYC shopping and education. You will get insider looks of designers, private showroom shopping sessions that make fashion affordable for you (65-75% off), and even a sneak peek at the latest top designers’ working process!

Districts -

Garment District - The iconic Garment District, between 5th Avenue and 9th Avenue, contains the world’s highest concentration of fashion-related businesses, offices, showrooms, events, and talent! This is the ultimate NYC fashion spot, the place in which you can see designers such as Oscar de la Renta or Calvin Klein at work, shop at all the iconic shops such as Mood Fabrics, or grab an artsy and delicious bite to eat at any of the many surrounding restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs!

7th Avenue - 7th Avenue, or Fashion Avenue, is the stretch of pure shopping bliss located between 26th and 42nd Street in Manhattan. Within this large district you will find the Garment District, Fashion Institute of Technology, Williams-Sonoma, New York Look, and H&M, plus tons of iconic NYC spots like Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden. Hungry? Head over to Seven Bistro before you go!

Behind the Scenes -

Milk Studio - Welcome to Milk Studio, the highly popular fashion and media company located along 15th street here in NYC. This white-washed studio is well-known for ‘standing at the crossroads of the fashion, music, photography, and film worlds’, a media company who has partnered with some of the most visually talented and innovative brands in the industry, and the perfect place for you to see a fashion show in real-time!

Hat Factory - The NYC Hat Factory, or The Factory, is an integral part of New York’s rich fashion history, with a strong history of influencing top fashion. These hats, customizable and made by hand for each individual customer, ‘have shaped and styled many entertainment industries’ and have been worn by the likes of Madonna, Brad Pitt, Frank Sinatra, and Kim Kardashian.

Fashion Institute of Technology Museum - The FIT Museum is an addition to the Fashion Institute of Technology and showcases all the innovative, award-winning, and ambitious special exhibitions covering the evolution of fashion! Explore over 3 floors containing over 50,000 interesting and unique garments and accessories, from the 18th century to the present!  

SCAD Museum of Art - Created in 2002 as a part of the Savannah College of Art and Design, this museum serves as a premier contemporary art museum. Usually, however, there is some series of high fashion art displays within the museum, making it a great stop during your visit!