Class Trips to Washington D.C

Washington D.C is hands down one of the most educationally beneficial spots in America

A flag is waved at the inauguration ceremony in 2013 for Barack Obama. Stockfresh

for students to visit while in school, our company’s personal #1 top-selling field trip destination.

Within our countries' proud capital you can find endless history, faith-related, culinary, presidential, and even war-related tours! This is a seriously huge educational mecca for any age group or interest, believe us, we've handled them all!

So what makes this city so popular for our company? Where do we begin? How about we tell you exactly what we offer your group, what benefits your group will get from D.C travel, and proposed sites we think your group should visit, all based on your age and/or interest group!

  • K-5 -

    What We Offer your Group: Incredible attention to detail to individual student needs and interests, our company working to ensure each child in this fragile age group is excited, safe, and learning during the entire trip.

    (We know how hard it can be to travel with a large group of 1st graders, so let us help you through it!)

    Student Group DC AST

    Benefits of D.C Travel: Exciting new information, hands-on activities appropriate for age group, living history opportunities for kids, big opportunity to see American capital while learning about it.

    Proposed Sites to Visit:

  1. Lincoln Memorial
  2. United States National Arboretum
  3. The Jefferson Memorial
  4. Rock Creek Park
  5. National Museum of the Am. Indian
  6. Museum of American History
  7. Museum of Natural History
  8. Mount Vernon
  9. Lunch at Union Station
  10. Air and Space Museum
  11. Ford’s Theatre
  12. International Spy Museum

  • 5-8 -

    What We Offer your Group: A unique chance to get to immerse themselves into the studies they are most interested in and see education from a different, more hands-on angle. Travel and immersion are highly beneficial for education at this age.

    Benefits of D.C Travel: Being able to see topics learned about in the classroom in person, from subjects important to this age group like history and government to natural history and forensics. 

    Proposed Sites to Visit: 

  1. DEA Museum

    Student Group DEA Museum AST 

  2. Capitol Hill Tour
  3. US Holocaust Memorial Museum
  4. The Washington Monument
  5. The Supreme Court
  6. Pentagon Memorial
  7. National Museum of the Am. Indian
  8. Museum of American History
  9. Museum of Natural History
  10. Lunch at Union Station
  11. Daughters of the American Revolution Museum
  12. Air and Space Museum

  • 9-12 -

    What We Offer your Group: We offer many students in this age group a first-time major travel opportunity that they won't soon forget while allowing them to explore different subject matters during the city sightseeing, sparking interest in every student.

    Benefits of D.C Travel: Pursue any history, government, or scientific passions that may be growing in the students. An immersive Washington D.C trip may very well prepare the student for college and job training.

    Proposed Sites to Visit:

  1. White House Area Walking Tour

    Student Group White House Area Walking Tour AST 

  2. U Street
  3. The Supreme Court
  4. Southwest Waterfront
  5. Pentagon Memorial
  6. Navy Yard
  7. National Museum of Women in the Arts 
  8. National Mall
  9. Meet Your Congressman or Congresswoman
  10. Historic Homes Tour
  11. Howard University
  12. Alexandria’s Ghosts and Legends Lantern Tour
  13. American Art Museum
  14. Arlington National Cemetery

  • College -

    What We Offer your Group: More in-depth sight-seeing opportunities for educationally focused college groups, more in-depth recreational know-how for the more vacationally focused college groups.

    Benefits of D.C Travel: Front row seat to almost all things American government, from finances to politics.

    Proposed Sites to Visit:

  1. Washington Photo Safari
  2. Washington D.C. Colleges Tour
  3. U Street
  4. The Supreme Court
  5. Pentagon Memorial
  6. National Museum of Women in the Arts 
  7. Meet Your Congressman or Congresswoman
  8. Historic Homes Tour
  9. Howard University
  10. Alexandria’s Ghosts and Legends Lantern Tour
  11. American Art Museum
  12. Arlington National Cemetery

  • Performance -

    D.C Trip

    What We Offer your Group: Access to several different live performance venues throughout D.C, allowing your group to practice and perfect their art while learning and sightseeing America's stomping ground.

    Benefits of D.C Travel: History, education, and musical tips left and right while visiting several museums and memorials.

    Proposed Sites to Visit:

  1. U Street
  2. Jefferson Memorial
  3. National Mall
  4. National Cherry Blossom Parade
  5. Note the upcoming opportunity to play in the Presidential Inaugural Parade in 2017

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