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Canada is becoming a top world travel destination, providing education, excitement, and entertainment in almost every nook and cranny of its gorgeous landscape.

Canada Political Map - Wiki Commons E Pluribus Anthony

Stretching from the U.S to the Arctic Circle, Canada holds a great mix of peaceful wilderness areas and bustling cities. The wild landscape filled with woodlands, waterfalls, and of course, portions of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Your group will have seemingly endless choices for outdoor recreation, from Banff National Park in Alberta to Niagara Falls in Ontario.

You will find world-class entertainment on the west coast, Vancouver being a well-known film giant throughout the world, and culture in the east, a large portion of Quebec speaking French and keeping the culture alive and well. Grand architecture, art, and culinary aspects can be found everywhere throughout Canada, as well.

Cities such as Toronto and the capital, Ottawa, will provide a good mix of all these things plus one really important one, education. See several museum institutions such as the Royal Ontario, Art Gallary of Ontario, and the Canadian War Museum. All of these institutions give great insight into the country, it's history, and it's people.

So head to CN Tower in Toronto, visit Jasper National Park in Alberta, and eat escargot in Montreal! Canada has it all!

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Sample Itineraries

2-Day Toronto Stay and Play

2-Day Toronto Stay and Play

Spend two days exploring Toronto's top attractions, from the educational Royal Ontario Museum to the extremely thrilling Canada's Wonderland.
3-Day Canadian Getaway

3-Day Canadian Getaway

3 Days chock full of Toronto fun!
Customized Tour

Customized Tour

Adventure Student Travel will work with you to create the trip you want for your student group.